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Howard Johnson's Chip Chocolate Angel Cake

Subject: Howard Johnson Chip Chocolate Angel Cake
From: Olin
Date: 10/7/2018 5:32 AM

On 10/6/2018 2:14 AM, Olin wrote:

 Hi Phaedrus,

I am thrilled I stumbled across your website and I hope you can help me-- regardless, thank you so 
much for your work providing recipes folks can't find. My father love love loved the Chip Chocolate 
Angel Cake from Howard Johnson's as a child. I have tried in vain to recreate it for him, but being 
26 I've never tried the cake and its hard to recreate something you've never had without a recipe. 
My dad turns 73 this year and I would just love to be able to recreate this cake he has such fond 
memories of. Any chance you might be able to track it down?

Thank you,


Hi Olin,

I did not have any success locating Howard Johnson's recipe, nor did I find a copycat recipe or a "tastes-like" recipe for this.

I'll post this for reader input, but I can't offer you much hope that anyone has the actual Howard Johnson's recipe.

The only mention that I could find of this cake was in an old newspaper ad for their "Mother's Day Dinner" that described it as "chip chocolate angel cake with white mountain icing."

See here: Florence Morning News

While searching, I did come across a few recipes for "Chocolate Chip Angel Cake" (or "chocolate chip angel food cake") and for "White Mountain Icing"  (or "White Mountain Frosting"). You might be able to cobble something similar together with those. I never had the Howard Johnson's cake myself, so I could not say which recipe, if any, might be similar.


Additional note: According to "A History of Howard Johnson's" by Anthony Mitchell Sammarco, all of Howard Johnson's cakes were made at central or regional Howard Johnson's commissaries and shipped to the restaurants.

If so, only the commissary employees would have know the recipes for their cakes.

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