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Ketchup Chicken

Subject: Missing recipe
From: Carol
Date: 9/29/2020, 7:31 AM

On 9/28/2020 7:45 PM, Carol wrote:

Uncle Phaedrus,

I have looked high and low in the internet for a recipe that my mom used to
make when I was in high school (1960s).  It was called CATSUP or KETCHUP 
CHICKEN. It was a pretty basic recipe but I remember that it called for a 
bottle of catsup (like Heinz, etc.) and a bottle of water. It was a barbeque 
type of sauce in which chicken breasts baked, but it wasn't spicy like barbeque 
sauce. It had a nice tomato flavor as I recall.
Thanks for your time

Hi Carol,

I am finding multiple recipes on the web called "ketchup chicken" or "catsup chicken." Have you looked at those? If you have, and if they weren't right, what wasn't right about them?  I am not finding any that call for a "bottle of ketchup" and a "bottle of water". There are also a lot of recipes called Oven BBQ Chicken that call for a sauce made with ketchup.

If you are sure that the name of the recipe was "ketchup chicken" or "catsup chicken" then I am having no success. There's not much to go on here other than the name.  It sounds like a recipe that Heinz or Hunt's might have placed in a magazine ad or on the bottle label.


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