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Pretzels with Sunflower Seeds

Subject: Re: Pretzels with sunflower seeds inside
From: Lesley
Date: 10/19/2018 9:56 AM

On 10/19/2018 8:42 AM, Lesley wrote:

I bought these at Trader Joe's YEARS ago and have never found them lately. Have you heard 
of them or know where to find them? 

Hi Lesley,

I'm afraid I have no good news to offer you.

The only mentions of these that I could find were old message board posts from others who were looking for them.
See: Yahoo

I received a request three years ago, and I was unable at that time to find anything.
See: 7-27-2015

Amazon apparently used to sell them, but now they are marked unavailable(photo here):
Healthy Creations Pretzels

"Healthy Creations Pretzels Plus Sunflower Seed" were but one of the "Healthy Creations Pretzels Plus" line. They also marketed pretzel bites filled with other things, such as pizza and peanut butter.

The parent company for the "Healthy Creations" brand was "Maxim Manufacturing & Marketing," whose home office was given as:
92 Argonaut Suite 170
Aliso Viego California.
The company's CEO appears to have been Anthony Rufrano, a 2012 Candy Hall of Fame inductee.
See: Onine Digital Publishing
Also see: Digital BNPMedia

However, the company became involved in lawsuits with Trader Joe's and others, apparently over trademarks and the like. See: Business Wire

Maxim Manufacturing and Marketing filed for bankruptcy in 2015 and is now listed as a "defunct" company:

Zoom Info

I could not find any evidence that pretzel bites filled with sunflower seeds are, or ever have been, produced by any other company, although Trader Joe's may have made an attempt to do so at one time.



Hi Lesley,

Timm, a reader, sent this link: Indie Bay Snacks

These aren't exactly the same, but they might taste similar. They are pretzel bites made with sunflower seed flour and have a layer of poppy seeds and sesame seeds, but you might like them. It looks as though Whole Foods might have them or you can order them online.


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