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Fontaine's Topsy's Onion Rings

Subject: Fontaine's Onion Rings
From: philip
Date: 10/14/2020, 8:44 AM

On 10/14/2020 2:21 AM, Philip wrote:

If my memory is correct, Fontaine's Topsy's was originally part of a franchise 
called "Topsy's". I don't know if they were only in Mass or connected to the 
place you mentioned in NY.
What I remember hearing is the franchise failed. When it did, George Fontaine 
who owned the Roxbury place renamed it to "Fontaine's Topsy's". I don't know 
the timeline, sorry.
My comments come from what I heard from my dad who was George's CPA. I can't 
confirm this with my dad since he passed away many years ago.
Now, I have a recipe request: George's chicken was excellent, but his onion rings 
were to die for. Light and cripsy. (And VERY oily.) Do you have his recipe?

Hello Philip,

Sorry, no luck with this. There are a lot of mentions on various message boards of how good Fontaine's onion rings were, but no recipes.

Fontaine's has a Facebook page. It's a private group,with 848 members. See: Fontaine's on Facebook

There may be some former Fontaine's employees in that group, and someone there may have the onion rings recipe. I'd say that your best bet for getting the Fontaine's onion rings recipe would be to join that group and ask for it - if you are accepted as a member. You have to apply for membership.


See also: A Tale of Two Topsy's

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