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Woolworth's Pizza Flavored Something

Subject: Re: Pizza flavored something?
From: William
Date: 10/22/2018 11:24 AM

On 10/22/2018 6:47 AM, William wrote:

When we were stationed at Dow AFB Bangor Maine from 1961-1966, there was a Woolworth's
store on the corner of two main streets, and across from the original office of the Bangor 
Daily News. Like most of their stores, this Woolworth's had a luncheon counter. They served 
the usual fare, i,e.chicken croquettes, and the rest. However, one item I seem to remember 
was a pizza flavored "something"? I can't remember what it was. Perhaps a breaded cutlet or 
even another croquette. Do you or anyone of your readers have any ideas? 
 Thanks Very Kindly

Hello William,

I have a partial copy of Woolworth's Kitchen Manual from the 1960s, but I cannot find anything in it that might be described as "pizza-flavored."

There are scans of several menus from Woolworth's Lunch Counter on the web. I looked at them, but I could not find anything on the readable ones that would be pizza flavored. See: Woolworth's Menus

Many of those menus are from Woolworth's in the UK. Woolworth's in Canada, the UK, and Australia have had different menu items from the Woolworth's in the USA, and there was some menu variation with local favorites even in various U.S. stores.

U.S. Woolworth's stores did have pizza by the slice at some point.

I did not find anything mentioned on the Web from Woolworth's that might be called "pizza flavored."

Could it have been something like"pizza rolls" or "pizza bites?"

I will post this for reader input.


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