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Sears Butter Batter Fruitcake

Subject: Re: Sears Butter batter fruitcake
From: Donald
Date: 10/25/2018 1:47 PM

On 10/25/2018 1:01 PM, Donald wrote:

 I found out that this fruitcake, was made by Beatrice Baking Co.    [  www.]

 Beatrice Bakery   201 S 5th St. Beatrice, NE  68310 , but they no longer make that fruitcake,

[masterpiece fruitcake]  but they say their Beatrice’s original Grandma’s Fruit and Nut cake 
is the closest to Sears Masterpiece fruitcake

Hi Donald,

Well, what I found is a little different. The info that I found is that the "Masterpiece" fruitcake contained alcohol and was therefore not the same as the "Butter Batter."

The "Grandma's Original" is like the "Masterpiece", but not like the "Butter Batter." The "Ye Olde English" is like the "Butter Batter" and contains no alcohol.

See: Lifestyle1628
here: Beacon Journal

and see what Beatrice Bakery says on their website here:

Beatrice Bakery Blogspot

Grandma's Fruit and Nut Rings

Beatrice Ye Old English Fruitcake

Some say that  "Jane Parker Classic Fruitcake" is like "Butter Batter."

Jane Parker Classic Fruitcake

At least one reviewer says that Swiss Colony Christmas Fruitcake is like "Butter Batter":  Swiss Colony Christmas Fruitcake

I still could not find any recipe that claimed to be a copycat or a "tastes-like" recipe for Sears Butter Batter Fruitcake.



I would love to have the recipe...thank you very much. Cathy

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