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Delaware Punch Redux

Subject: Delaware Punch redux
From: David
Date: 10/20/2020, 12:44 PM

On 10/20/2020 10:43 AM, David wrote:

Dear Phaedrus,

Coke is dropping it’s non carbonated grape drink, Delaware Punch.
A little background: Delaware punch was invented in Texas, where 
it remains popular. It is also popular in Mexico. Coke bought it, 
and now they are dropping it. Delaware punch is made from Delaware 

Delaware punch is a signature fountain drink, or “ jet spray” drink, 
the coney hot dog chain in Houston serves it.

The novelty soda bottler in Pennsylvania has picked it up, but they 
have modified it to be “ lightly carbonated” Not the same!

After much searching and asking, I am coming up empty handed for 
even a knock off recipe.  Would you mind consulting your resources 
and see what you can fund? I would really appreciate it!



Hello David,

The first thing to consider about Delaware Punch is that Coca-Cola has the license to produce it, and Coke officially discontinued it this year.  As soon as any remnants that exist in local stores or at local distributors is gone, then that's it. Someone may pop up offering a few bottles or cans that they've hoarded for sale on E-Bay for an exorbitant price, but that's most likely the end of the product made by Coke. One can only hope that Coke might license another company or small bottler to pick it up. Even the Delaware Punch that was sold in Guatemala and Honduras and Mexico was the Coca Cola product. I could not find anything about it still being made in Mexico, and the Guatemala and Honduras products site on the web says they no longer have it. You get a lot of hits on Google when searching for this, but all of the ones that I checked were dead ends.

"Pennsylvania Punch" claims to be made from the original recipe, but if, as you say, it is carbonated and does not taste the same, then that's as it is. See: Soda Pop Stop

I saw a few mentions that some fast food places in Texas offered it as a fountain drink, but I think that they used syrup from Coca-Cola and that they can't get it anymore or won't be able to get it after the first of the year. I searched for this previously in 2003, but neither of the places that I listed as selling the syrup then have it now. See: 6-24-2003

I did not find even a hint of a real recipe or copycat recipe or even a "tastes-like" for the product. Ingredient lists from the can or bottle are no help because they are too vague, with things listed like "natural and artificial flavors", and no real information. From what I understand, the Punch is a quite complicated mixture of flavors, not just Delaware grape juice.

Do you live in or near a city with one or more Mexican grocery stores? If so they might have some remaining bottles or cans, particularly small stores in older neighborhoods.

Sadly, I have never tried Delaware Punch. I read that it was popular in my old stomping grounds of Mississippi and Louisiana, but I don't recall seeing it there.


Subject: Delaware Punch
From: J.F.
Date: 11/6/2020, 7:00 PM

On 11/6/2020 6:26 PM, J.F wrote:

I saw the post where the person was looking for that grape drink 
and that had me thinking. There is a chain of candy & soda stores 
called "Rocket Fizz."  I think they ship, and they specialize in 
quirky sodas. Though i do think a lot are just private label ones 
with wacky names with a few regional ones.

Hi J.F.

Thanks for writing.

Rocket Fizz has a website at:

There is no mention of Delaware Punch on their site. I looked through their product line, including their *.pdf file of the sodas that they offer. They have a few grape flavored sodas, but none of them stands out as possibly tasting like Delaware Punch. It would need a recommendation from someone who is familiar with Delaware Punch saying that one of them was similar.

I suppose that David could call them and ask if they have a product similar to DP.


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