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Marlborough Cornbread Recipe

Subject: Re: Marlboro cornbread recipe
From: Pierre
Date: 11/4/2018 3:25 PM

On 11/4/2018 2:28 PM, Pierre wrote:


I am looking for a cornbread recipe that was published in a Marlboro
advertising insert in Playboy magazine sometime in the 1970s.

It was a plain cornbread (no cheese, no jalapenos, etc), oven-baked, not
cooked in a skillet, from a dough that was stiff enough to be formed into
muffin-sized balls placed side by side in a baking dish. The balls just
touched but did not fuse to one another and could be easily separated by
hand after baking.

I think there was some wheat flour involved, but I am not certain. The
same insert contained several other recipes, including a Texas-style

Thank you!


Hello Pierre,

There's just not much way to trace a recipe that was in a magazine advertising insert. All I could do was just a Google search, which turned up nothing. The exact name of the recipe might help.

Marlboro published several cookbooks aimed at men: "Towns, Trails & Special Times", "Morning Fires, Evening Lights", "Fifty from the Trail", "Marlboro Chili Roundup", and "Marlboro Cook Like a Man".

I have all of these cookbooks, and I searched through them for a cornbread recipe like you describe, but had no success. The only chili recipe in them with the word "Texas" in its name is "Texas Postcard Chili". No cornbread recipe with it.

There is a recipe in "Towns, Trails & Special Times" that sounds very much like your cornbread description. There's even a photo of the balls of bread in a baking pan. However, that recipe is for "Fresh Sourdough Biscuits", not for cornbread. (If you want that recipe, let me know.)

I'll post this for reader input.


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