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Awrey's Corn Toastums

Subject: Re: Requesting a recipe for Corn toastums
From: Mary Ellen
Date: 11/7/2018 5:09 PM

On 11/7/2018 2:01 PM, Mary Ellen wrote:


I have tried the internet and fell upon your site looking for a recipe. 
How lucky for me! As a little girl, my grandmother would stop at Awrey’s 
bakery in Detroit to pick up a package of corn toastums. They came in a 
package of six and cost 69 cents back then. Now they cost over $5.00! 
I think now they call them corn rounds or toaster rounds?

I am hoping you may be able to find the recipe so I can make them myself.

They are like a corn muffin but shaped like a disk so that they can fit 
into a toaster. They are sweeter and hold their shape better than a muffin.

Keep my fingers crossed!

Mary Ellen

Hi Mary Ellen,

I can't find a recipe or a copycat recipe that is specifically for the Awrey's Bakery product, but there are several similar products and recipes for similar toaster corn cakes.

See these sites:

Corn Toasties

Corn Toaster Cakes


Howard Johnson's corn toasties copycat recipes:


A Good Appetite


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