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Biscotti di San Martino

Subject: Biscotti Do San Martino or St. Martin cookies
From: Jacqueline
Date: 11/13/2018, 10:36 AM

On 11/12/2018 9:50 PM, Jacqueline wrote:

By any small miracle do you know anyone who makes these cookies.  
I want to send them to my brother. I prefer the Sicilian version 
if possible.
Thank you.

Hello Jacqueline,

You are omitting two vital pieces of information:

Where is your brother located?

Where are you located?

I had no success looking for an Italian bakery whose website said they would ship them anywhere in the world, but it was not an exhaustive search.

If you can locate an Italian bakery near your brother's location that makes them and that delivers or ships, then your problem may be solved.

If you can locate an Italian bakery near your own location that makes them and that delivers or ships to your brother's location, then your problem may be solved.

I will be happy to help you locate an Italian bakery near your brother or one near you if you give me those locations. If you live in New York City, there are many Italian Bakeries. Try these:

Circo's Pastry Shop

La Balla Ferrara Pastries

If you feel that you could bake them yourself, these sites have recipes. Most are in Italian, but you can use the Google "Translate" feature to translate them if need be:

Palermo Street Food

Savoring Italy

Dolci Siciliani

Cucina di Sicilia


Thank you for getting back to me.  My brother just moved to CA. from Pennsylvania.  
I now live in Florida, much to my regret.  Was born and raised in  New Jersey.  
I have tried some of the old bakeries I remembered from growing up. They are 
either out of business or don't make them. My kid brother (70) has tried all 
over CA. No luck. Guess what, this old Italian lady is going to give it a try. 
There's always the trash can. God Bless you for trying to help.  
Have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

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