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Schilling Vegetarian Stuffing

Re: Schiling Vegetarian Stuffing
From: Barbara
Date: 11/19/2019, 12:02 PM

On 11/19/2019 9:56 AM, Barbara wrote:


Ive been searching for books to replace the ones i lost in a fire a year ago. My home burned.
One of the books i had was a herb and spice book that was put out by Schillings years ago.
Years back McCormick and Schillings gave books when you bought their spices.Paper back books. 
Maybe put out in the mid 1960's.
I was able to replace the book put out by McCormick from Ebay, but have not been able to find 
the book by Schillings.
I think McCormick took over Schillings but not sure.
In the book put out by Schillings there is a recipe for a stuffing made with spinach and carrots. 
A vegetarian stuffing.
The stuffing was my favorite and very good.
Im writing to see if you can ask your readers if anyone may have a copy of the Schillings herb 
and spice book. It had the history of herbs and recipes to use them in.
If anyone does have a copy i would love to get a copy of the stuffing recipe .
Sure hope someone can help.
Thank you very much

Hello Barbara,

According to Wikipedia, McCormick has owned Schilling since 1946, so they were not separate companies in the 1960s. McCormick continued to use the Schilling name until the 1990s, with the last product containers marked as Schilling produced in 2002.

I found these books for sale on Amazon:

"Flavor Secrets A Schilling Product"
by Schilling & Co | Jan 1, 1930

"McCormick/Schilling's New Spice Cookbook" Hardcover May 1, 1995
by Jack Felton (Author)

"The McCormick/Schilling Guide to Gourmet Spices" Paperback
by McCormick/schilling (Author)

I will post this in case a reader has that book or that recipe.


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