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Eclair Bakery Opera Torte

Subject: opera torte
From: Saul
Date: 11/12/2020, 7:11 AM

On 11/11/2020 6:42 PM, Saul wrote:

Dear Uncle Phaedrus:
Here is my recollection of the Opera Torte from the famous Eclair
bakery and cafe:
A.M. Selingerís Opera Torte
from his Eclair Bakery on West 72nd Street
as remembered by Saul

Topped with dark chocolate ganache, with wedges/triangles of dark
chocolate angled on top, supported by rosettes of frosting, ala dobosh
Six or seven layers of genoise, that may have contained chopped
hazelnuts or almonds
Buttercream filling, possibly flavored with kirsch, divided into
three, one praline vanilla (with finely chopped nuts), one mocha and
one chocolate
Two layers of crisp, thin dacquoise with finely chopped almonds or hazelnuts
Apricot glaze

Read from bottom to top

Served with whipped cream

Dark Chocolate triangles/wedges

Dark Chocolate ganache

Seventh layer genoise?

Apricot under dacquoise

Chocolate buttercream
Sixth layer genoise

Mocha buttercream
Fifth layer genoise

Praline buttercream
Fourth layer genoise

Dacquoise glazed with apricot upside-down so apricot touches the
chocolate buttercream

Chocolate buttercream
Third layer genoise

Mocha buttercream
Second layer genoise

Praline buttercream
Bottom layer: genoise


Hello Saul,

I have previous posts on my site about the Eclair Bakery, but I cannot find that I have ever been asked to find a recipe for "Opera Torte", So I am speculating that you are requesting me to find the recipe for the Eclair Bakery Opera Torte.

I found your other post describing the Eclair Opera Torte here: Hungry Gerald. That is the only mention that I can find of the Eclair Bakery Opera Torte, but there are other Opera Torte recipes on the web, such as this one: Food Network


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