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Souvalaki Red Salad Dressing

Subject: Recipe request
From: Mary
Date: 11/18/2018, 3:18 PM

On 11/18/2018 2:18 PM, Mary wrote:

I would love the recipe for Greek Souvalaki red (house) salad dressing.  
Thanks so much!

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Hi Mary,

I need some clarification. I'm not aware of a salad dressing that is itself called "Greek Souvalaki salad dressing."

"Souvlaki" or "Souvalaki" is a Greek dish of grilled meat or chicken. "House salad dressing" would be a particular dressing served by a particular restaurant. Knowing that it is red and a house dressing does not help me find it if I don't know the name and location of the restaurant.

Are you referring to the red house dressing served by a particular restaurant? If so, what is the name and location of the restaurant?

Do you want a recipe for a red sauce that is traditionally served with souvlaki? Or the red house salad dressing of a specific restaurant?



Mary, I sent the above reply to you twice, and both times my email bounced back as undeliverable - "mailbox unavailable". So, I have no way to contact you.

I think that your email to me has your address incorrect. It must be set up incorrectly in your account. Contact your email client or provider for help. When you have it fixed, then email me again with the answers to me questions and I will look for your recipe.


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