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Swiss Pastry Shop Black Forest Cake

Subject: Swiss Pastry Shop cake
From: Elaine
Date: 11/3/2019, 4:06 PM

On 11/3/2019 12:54 AM, Elaine wrote:

Hi, I am inquiring about the recipe for the Black Forest Cake and Lemon Meringue pie from the 
Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth, TX. Do you have the recipes? Thank you, Elaine 

Hi Elaine,

Sorry, I had no success at all with the lemon meringue pie recipe.

However, these three sites have recipes for the Swiss Pastry Shop Black Forest Cake. Note that none of these claims to be the actual Swiss Pastry Shop's recipe. That recipe is not available. These recipes are for a cake that the posters say tastes the same. This cake is not a traditional Black Forest Cake, with cherries and kirsch. According to these folks, the Swiss Pastry Shop's cake is actually a Swedish cake called "Schwarzwaldtårta". See these recipes:

Culinary Collation


Cambridge Cowgirl


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