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Frizzled Beef

Subject: Frezzled beef recipe
From: Norm
Date: 11/15/2020, 9:23 AM

On 11/14/2020 3:37 PM, norman wrote:

Hello Norman,

I've never heard of "frezzled beef", nor can I find any mention of it on the Internet.

However, I am familiar with "frizzled beef", which is basically the same thing as S.O.S. or "chipped beef on toast."

There are recipes for "frizzled beef" on these sites:

Our Grandmother's Kitchen


Dear Phaed

That was a typo.  Thanks for quick response and the recipes.  I don't know if you ever heard of 
"Horn & Hardarts" but their "Frizzled Creamed Beef" had a flavor unlike any other I have tasted.  
I can't believe nobody has the recipe but I will try the ones you sent.  I even put a bouilion 
cube in my last batch, but still didn't have the flavor.  The one thing about H & H was the tan 

Thanks again, Norm

Hi Norm,

I searched for the Horn & Hardart Frizzled Beef recipe in particular a few years ago with no success and again today with the same result. See: 08-09-2013

I have a Horn & Hardart page with links to the H & H recipes that I have been able to find here: Horn & Hardart

I'll post this in case one of my readers has something to contribute.


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