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Hanscom's Candy Golden Rods

Subject: Plaited Mint Candy
From: Ellen
Date: 11/23/2018, 4:33 PM

On 11/23/2018 2:50 PM, Ellen wrote:

I recently saw your reply to someone inquiring about plaited mint candy.  That candy was 
sold by Hanscom's Candy Company in Philadelphia. As described in the post, it was a very 
creamy white peppermint candy plaited and delicious. It is one of the recipes that I have 
been trying to track down for years.  The last time I saw where that candy was being sold 
was about fifteen years ago in New Jersey.

Hanscom's also sold another candy that I have been looking for:  Golden Rods.

Both Plaited Mint and Gold Rods were especially available in the summer when chocolates 
were less available because chocolate didn't keep well during the hot summer months.

I will appreciate knowing anything you can provide and, if you can point me in the right 
direction, I will do what I can to help you locate recipes from the past.

Hi Ellen,

That post about the plaited candy was 10-30-2018

I've had no success finding anything about Hanscom's Candy in Philadelphia or about any of their products except for one mention of the company in a former employee's obituary and a very few brief mentions in old newspapers. Nothing at all about Golden Rods.

I'll post your request for reader input.


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