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Bahamian Sweets

Subject: Bahamian recipes
From: Jessica
Date: 11/25/2018, 3:58 PM

On 11/25/2018 1:04 PM, Jessica wrote:

 Hello I am looking for several Bahamian recipes:
 Coconut tart

 Benny candy with peanuts

 Coconut candy

 Please help. My grandmother used to make these and now I canít find the recipes.
 Thank you,


†† Hi Jessica,

It was not difficult for me to find recipes for these things based on the information you gave me. See the links below. However, there are multiple recipes for each of these things, so without more details about your grandmother's recipes, I can't guarantee that these recipes are exactly the same as hers.

Bahamian coconut tart recipe

Note that "Benny candy" is commonly called "benny cakes." Here are two recipes for benny cakes with peanuts. "Benny seeds" are sesame seeds.


All Easy Recipes

Bahamian coconut candy Again, there are many variations of this.


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