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Bill Knapp's Linguini with Marinara Sauce

Subject: Bill Knapp's linguini with marinara & garlic bread
From: Megan
Date: 11/20/2019, 2:42 PM

On 11/20/2019 1:39 PM, Megan wrote:


Do you know how to find Bill Knapp's linguini with marinara & garlic bread recipe? 
Or something similar?


Hi Megan,

Sorry, I had no success locating this recipe. It does not appear to be on the web.

There are, of course, dozens of recipes for marinara, or for linguine with marinara sauce on the web, but I never had Bill Knapp's linguine, so I could not know what might be similar.

Knapp's marinara sauce was likely made at their central commissary and delivered to the local restaurants. If so, then only his commissary employees would have known the recipe.

I'll post this. Perhaps one of my readers can help.


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