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Tube-Shaped Cinnamon Raisin Bubkie

Subject: Searching for a recipe...
From: Matthew
Date: 11/19/2020, 8:10 AM

On 11/19/2020 8:10 PM, Matthew wrote:

Hi! I grew up south of Boston. The bakeries sold a sweet ďbread,Ē with raisins & cinnamon. 
Those bakeries are gone, but on a visit back I found a bakery at Putterham Circle in 
Brookline that sells something pretty close. (Iím going to enclose a photo below).
Iíd love to make this, but my dilemma is, the ďbreadĒ isnít like traditional babka. To me, 
itís in-between a bread & a cake. Iíve never found anything that seems to come close. And 
that round shape? There arenít too many round bread pans around. Any thoughts?



On Nov 20, 2020, at 6:51 AM, Phaedrus wrote:

Hi Matthew,

A couple of questions before I begin:

What did those Boston bakeries call this? Babka or what? What did you ask for when you bought it there or in Brookline? Perhaps you just pointed to it in the display case? What was the name of the bakery on Putterham Circle in Brookline?


On 11/20/2020 10:04 AM, Matthew wrote:

Hi! Iím not sure what the bakeries called it. My family called it Bupkie. 
And yes, I pointed when I bought the loaf. Iím not sure, but the bakery 
may be Cheryl Annís. Sorry Iím not more helpful.

Hi Matthew,

I've looked at dozens of raisin bread photos and cinnamon bread photos with raisins this morning and I must say that in all of them the raisins appear much darker than those in your photo, which are very pale. Perhaps they are golden raisins?

Also, "Cheryl Ann's Bakery"†in the "Shops at Putterham" is a Jewish bakery. Were those Boston bakeries that you mention all Jewish bakeries or other ethnicity such as Ukrainian or Polish? There is a menu for Cheryl Ann's Bakery here. Please look at it and see if your bread is one of those listed there: Cheryl Ann's Bakery

The bread in your photo looks to me to be what I would call "cylindrical" rather than round. Cylindrical loaves are baked in a special pan that is not used so much anymore or in 1 or 2 pound coffee cans. I'm thinking you might find the same bread in another shape rather than cylindrical.

However, I found a photo and a recipe for "Ukrainian Babka" that is cylindrical. It is baked in a coffee can for the cylindrical shape. It has raisins, but it does not have any cinnamon. For flavoring, it has rum and orange zest. It is described as being sweeter and richer than "paska".† For the photo and recipe, see:† Traditional Ukrainian Babka There is another photo and recipe here: Ukrainian Babka and another one here:† Ukrainian Easter Babka

I did not find any cylindrical babka with cinnamon, just with lemon or orange zest or no special flavoring at all.

Hope this helps. Please let me know. I'll post this for reader input.


Hello Matthew,

I was reviewing some of my recent searches this morning and yours was one of them. I noticed that you said your family called it "bupkie." I went back to the menu for Cheryl Ann's Bakery, and I see that there is a listing there for "Bubkie, Cinnamon Raisin Ė Tube shaped". Perhaps "bubkie" is what your family was saying. I could not find enough information about it to determine whether "bubkie" is just another name for "babka" or if it is a different bread with a different recipe.

Searching for "bubkie", I found a photo here: Weinberg's Bakery (scroll down the page). That bakery and a couple of other kosher bakeries in MA appear to be the only places that offer bubkie, and it is not always tube-shaped.

The only recipe that I can find for "bubkie" is neither tube-shaped nor is it cinnamon-raisin. See here: Bubbie's Bubkie

I could not find anything else about it. Your post will be on my site in a couple of days. Maybe a reader can help.


Hi Phaed! Thank you so much for your hard work!! OF COURSE bubkie & bupkie are one 
and the same. And I love that you found that bakery in Nantucket. Used to be a major 
destination for jews in the summer. There had been an amusement park (Paragon Park) 
known far & wide.

I will give that recipe a try!! Thanks again & stay safe!! 


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