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Blue Boar Cold Rice Salad

Subject: Blue Boar cold rice salad
From: Fannie 
Date: 12/6/2019, 8:45 PM

On 12/6/2019 11:19 PM, Fannie wrote:

This salad was served at Blue Boar Cafeteria in the 70's. I remember
it was in the cold section and had rice in it and was pink. Please help.

Hi Fannie,

Sorry, I cannot find even a mention of this dish. I'll post this for reader input.


No worries. I found it. It's called Heavenly Hash.

Hello Fannie,

Where did you find it?


I went on google and put in cold rice salad with pineapples in it. 
There it was, in several versions!

Hi Fannie,

I see. But you didn't find one that said it was Blue Boar's? Have you made it yet? Does it taste just like Blue Boar's?

Let me know.


As soon as I saw the picture that looked just like Blue Boar's, I 
immediately remembered that sweet little old lady, noticing that I 
got it every time I went there, saying "you're back for the heavenly 
hash". And no, I haven't made it yet, but I'll update you when I do.
By the way I've been following your site for over 15 years! 

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