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Sentry Foods Chocolate Cherry Nut Cookies

Subject: Sentry Bakery Chocolate Cherry Nut Cookies
From: Barb
Date: 12/12/2019, 10:50 AM

On 12/12/2019 5:10 AM, Barb wrote:

Hi I am looking for a recipe from the Sentry food store bakery this was back in the late 
eighties early nineties. It is a cookie recipe that was a chocolate cookie with nuts and 
bits of cherries in. It was almost like brownie inconsistency but in a cookie fashion. 
They were delicious and I cannot find a recipe like it if I could get that exact recipe 
that would be wonderful thanks for your help my name is Barb

The sentry store used to be located in Milwaukee Wisconsin on 76th than Cold Spring Road 
it is no longer there. None of the other Sentry stores have it.
Thanks much.

Hi Barb,

Well, your request is made difficult by the lack of specific information and the fact that the particular Sentry Foods stores you name were closed before the Internet existed.

The only Sentry store on 76th street that I can find any mention of was in Franklin, WI rather than in Milwaukee proper. I can't find any mention at all of one on Cold Spring Road.

Did Sentry sell the cookies using the name "chocolate cherry nut cookies"? I cannot find a cookie by that name with any connection to Sentry Foods. Finding a recipe on the web for a particular cookie from a particular store from so long ago is next to impossible without knowing the actual name of the cookie.

The cookie may not have been made by Sentry itself. Sentry Foods buys and has bought bakery products from commercial bakeries such as Crestwood Bakery (closed now) and Grebe's Bakery (still in business).  See:  Grebe's Bakery

I searched for, but could not find, a cookie named "chocolate cherry nut cookies" with any connection to Crestwood Bakery or Grebe's Bakery. You might try calling or visiting Grebe's Bakery and asking if they are familiar with that cookie.

The only thing that I can do is to post this in the hope that someone who was a resident of Milwaukee during that time period will see it and can add some information about the cookies.


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