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Mackenzie LTD Granny Smith Coffee Cake

Subject: Mackenzie LTD Granny Smith Coffee Cake
From: Susan
Date: 3/28/2021, 5:02 PM

On Mar 28, 2021, at 7:54 AM, Susan wrote:

?Please send me Mackenzie fabulous Apple Sour Cream coffee cake



PS. Granny Smith Coffee Cake at Mackenzie Limited

So appreciate the recipe


Hi Susan,

I had never heard of "MacKenzie Limited", so I was very glad to receive your second email with some clarification of what you meant.

"MacKenzie Limited" is a mail-order gourmet food company based in Owings Mills, Maryland. As best I can tell, they don't have a "bricks and mortar" retail store at all. They only do business by mail order and online. They have a web page at: Mackenzie Ltd and they have a Facebook page at: Mackenzie Ltd on Facebook

There is a photo of their "Granny Smith Coffee Cake" at: Granny Smith Coffee Cake

Obtaining the actual recipe for this cake is probably next to impossible. For one thing, it's not for certain who makes the cakes. It does not appear that MacKenzie Limited has a production facility. Another company most likely produces this cake for them. MacKenzie Limited buys products from producers all over the world. They own a lot of producers and they buy from a large number of producers that they don't own. Even if I knew the producer of the Granny Smith Coffee Cake, there is not much likelihood that I could find the recipe and that, even if I did find it, it would be something that you could use in your home kitchen.

Probably your only hope would be if someone has created a "copycat recipe" for the cake. Of course I searched for one, but I could not find any indication that such a copycat recipe existed. I did not find any mention that anyone knew even of a cake recipe that tasted similar to it.

I will post this for reader input. Maybe one of my readers knows of a recipe that tastes similar.


Hi Susan,

Although I had no success finding a recipe or a copycat for Mackenzie Ltd's cake, you might want to try this recipe: Apple Coffeecake

It looks pretty good.