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Connecticut Chicken Coop Fried Chicken

Subject: Chicken coop
From: Lynda
Date: 3/6/2019, 9:38 AM

On 3/4/2019 10:44 PM, Lynda wrote:

Recipe for restaurant chicken coops fried chicken. They were located in Hartford ct some time ago
Hi Lynda,

I spent a lot of time searching for this one. No one appears to have the real recipe or a copycat recipe. I found a lot of discussion and raves about this chicken, like this:

Connecticut Forum

This page from the Hartford Courant has some discussion and then posts a fried chicken recipe, but the article is kind of vague about whether they are posting it as a recipe that TASTES LIKE Chicken Coop's or whether they are just posting it as a good fried chicken recipe. See what you think. You might want to try it:


I'll post this for reader input.


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