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On 7 Mar 2005 at 16:44, DIANA wrote:
> Good Monday to you, my new friend:
> I'm hopeful you can help in my latest search. There was a chain
> restaurant located here in my hometown of Jonesboro, Arkansas, during
> the 1970s called Pasquale's Pizza, which served pizza, pasta and subs.
> My favorite was the hoagie, which contained Italian meats, a
> marinara-like sauce, mozzarella and a dill pickle slice on a submarine
> bun. My brother loved the stromboli sandwich, which was beef and gravy
> on the same type bun, but not like the stromboli recipe you have in
> your archives.
> Do you know of any recipes floating around for these sandwiches from
> Pasquale's?
> As an exchange, I'm sending you the recipe for Orange Slice cake, a
> favorite of my family that is a nice alternative to fruitcake during
> the holidays. 
> Thanks for your help!
> diana

Hi Diana,

Thanks for the recipe!

We had Pasquale's here in Mississippi, too.

Sorry, there are no Pasquale's recipes online, but below are some other stromboli sandwich recipes.


Stromboli Sandwich

List of Ingredients

1 lb. mild Italian sausage(remove casing)
1/2 lb. ground beef
1 c. chopped onion
1/2 c. chopped green pepper
few mushrooms
8 oz. tomato sauce
1 large loaf Italian bread
6 oz. tomato paste
1/4 c. water
1/4 c. grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp. oregano
1/4 tsp. garlic salt
1/4 tsp. rosemary
1 pkg. Mozzarella cheese slices


Brown meat. Add onion, green pepper and mushrooms.
Cook five minutes. Stir in tomato sauce, tomato paste, water, 
Parmesan cheese, oregano, garlic salt and rosemary. Simmer 
ten minutes. Cut bread lengthwise. Scoop out center. Put 1/2 
cheese slices in bottom of bread. Fill with mixture. Cover 
with remaining cheese. Place remaining half of bread on top. 
Wrap in foil and bake 6 to 8 minutes at 400 degrees. 
Slice to serve.
Easy To Make Stromboli

Frozen dough bread (in freezer section)
1 lb. boiled or spicy ham (your
1/2 lb. genoa salami
1/2 lb. sliced pepperoni (the deli
will do this)
3 lbs. mozzarella cheese
1 jar of meatless Aunt Millie's sauce
or your own homemade
If using frozen bread, let thaw, then divide in half. Use rolling
pin to flatten in a rectangular shape. Add ham in rows - 1 or 2 
pieces with overlap. Then add on top the salami in the same fashion; 
then the pepperoni. (If it seems greasy, you may want to boil it first 
for a few minutes to reduce the fat.) Then add grated Mozzarella cheese 
on top. Finish with a touch of Aunt Millie's tomato sauce. Roll carefully 
lengthwise making sure you tuck the ends carefully in to avoid seepage. 
Bake at 350 degrees until crusty brown, about 1 hour. I make about 10 
at a time, bake for 1/2 hour and freeze. Fresh for about 6 months. Remove 
from freezer, bake 1/2 hour and it's great!

1 loaf frozen bread
2 egg yolks
1 tbsp. Parmesan cheese
1 tsp. parsley
1/2 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. oregano
1/4 tsp. pepper
2 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 lb. chipped pepperoni
12 oz. shredded Mozzarella cheese
2 beaten egg whites
Thaw bread and spread on greased cookie sheet. Like pizza shell. 
Mix next 7 ingredients together and spread on dough. Cover with 
layers of pepperoni and cheese. Roll like jelly roll. Place seam 
down and brush with egg white. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 to 40 
minutes. Slice and serve. 

2 (1/4 oz.) pkgs. yeast
2 1/2 c. warm water
6 to 6 1/2 c. flour
1 tbsp. salt
2 tbsp. sugar
1 tsp. Tabasco
1/4 c. olive oil
2/3 c. grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 c. minced fresh basil or 1 tbsp. dried basil
1 egg, slightly beaten
3 oz. pepperoni, thinly sliced
6 oz. Provolone cheese, sliced or shredded

Optional: grated Parmesan for topping
Sprinkle yeast over warm water in small bowl. Allow several 
minutes for yeast to soften and dissolve. Combine 6 cups flour 
with salt and sugar. Add yeast mixture, Tabasco, and olive oil. 
When well combined, knead the dough by hand on a well-floured 
surface for 10 minutes or in an electric mixer with dough hooks 
for 3 minutes (add additional 1/2 cup flour if needed). Turn the 
dough into large, greased bowl. Cover the bowl and leave in a warm 
spot (70-80 degrees) until doubled in bulk. Punch down the dough 
and work in cheese and basil. Let rest for 10 minutes. Cut the 
dough in half. Lightly roll each piece (or use hands), pressing 
out air bubbles to approximately 7-11 inch rectangle. Lie cheese 
and pepperoni lengthwise in the middle of the rectangle and then 
fold sides around the filling. Pinch ends to seal. Lie stromboli 
on greased cookie sheet, seam side down. Brush with beaten egg 
and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Bake at 375 degrees for 20 
minutes. Let cool at least 10 minutes before slicing. 

Cinnamon Crispies or Cow Flops

>On 7 Mar 2005 at 14:51, Marv wrote:

> Looking for a recipe for Krispies.  Local food stores generally have
> them in their bakery department.  They are round or oblong and about
> the size of a plate.  They are similar to just making a cinnamon crust
> but definitely are not pie crust.  They have a chewy glaze on the
> bottom, coated with cinnamon and sugar and would guess they are baked
> at about 400 deg. They, I am sure, are basically flour and water.
> All of my searches come up with Krispy Kreme donuts.  It isn't a
> donut.  My wife says they may be called cow patties but those searches
> ended up with something completely different.
> Thanks ......... Marv 

Hello Marv,

There are a couple of recipe suggestions below, but I think what you want is on this page:


They're called Cinnamon Crispies or Kansas Cow Flops!


Cinnamon  Krispies

 Ingredients :

 1/4 c. brown sugar
 2 tbsp. butter
 2 tbsp. cinnamon
 1 (8 oz.) tube Pillsbury crescent rolls


 3/4 c. confectioners sugar
 1 tbsp. margarine
 1 to 2 tbsp. hot water

 Preparation :

    Bake 12 minutes at 375 degrees on a greased cookie sheet.  Mix
 together.  Separate crescent dough into 4 rectangles.  Firmly press
 perforations to seal. Spread 2 rectangles with butter-sugar mixture.
  Place 2 remaining rectangles over sugar mixture.  Lightly press
 together.  Cut into 16 strips.  Twist each strip tightly several
 times.  Seal ends.  Place strips on greased cookie sheet. Bake at
 375 degrees for 12 minutes until golden brown.  Remove immediately
 from cookie sheet to rack and spread glaze while warm.
Bunuelos  (Cinnamon  Crispies)

 Ingredients :

 3 c. flour
 1 tsp. baking powder
 1 tsp. salt
 Sugar and cinnamon mixture
 2/3 c. milk
 4 tbsp. butter
 2 beaten eggs

 Preparation :

    Heat milk and butter until melted.  Cool mixture, then add beaten
 eggs.  Sift dry ingredients.  Add to creamed mixture.  Knead until
 smooth.  Roll into little balls and roll out like tortillas,
 stretching out as thin as possible.  Deep fry.  Drain on paper
 towels and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar mixture.

Gino's Giant

Hi - 
I used to work at a Gino's in Elizabeth, NJ in 1971 and 1972.  If I  remember 
correctly, the sauce they used on the Gino's Giant was a thicker  version of 
Thousand Island dressing.  We put it on the buns with something  that looked 
like a caulking gun.


On 9 Mar 2005 at 11:01, Jackie wrote:

> I am looking for the recipe for a dish called HALUSKI.  Thank you.  
> Jackie 

Hello Jackie,

Well, that name seems to be applied to two different dishes - one containing egg noodles, and the other containing potato dumplings. see below for both kinds.


Haluski (Polish fried noodles and cabbage)

3 TBS of unsalted butter
1 medium sweet yellow onion, sliced thin
1 small head of cabbage sliced
3 cups of egg noodles or dumplings
salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste

In a large deep skillet, melt the butter then add the onions and cabbage. 
Sautee on medium heat until very soft and tender. While the onions and 
cabbage are cooking, cook the noodles according to package directions. 
Cook them slightly under done. I like to cook my noodles in some chicken 
broth for added flavor. When the noodles are done and the cabbage mixture 
is soft, add the noodles to the cabbage. Season to taste and cook together 
for a few more minutes. Serve with some crusty rolls and eat as a main 
dish or side. Leftovers are great as well. 
Haluski - Potato Dumplings      
3 lg. potatoes, grated
1 egg
2 c. flour
1 tsp. salt
1/4 lb. butter
1 chopped onion
3-4 qts. boiling water

Mix potatoes, egg, flour and salt together. Drop by 1/2 teaspoon into 
boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. When cooked, add 1 cup cold 
water to set dumplings and drain. 
Saute onion in butter and mix into dumplings.
Haluski And Cabbage      

1 sm. head cabbage
1 lg. onion
1 stick butter
4 med. potatoes
2 eggs
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. pepper
2 c. flour

Chop onion and cabbage finely and cook in the butter until tender. 
Grate the potatoes while cabbage mixture cooks. Mix potatoes, eggs, 
flour, salt and pepper. Drop the potato mixture by teaspoonful into 
boiling water (salted). Boil 5 minutes, drain and mix with the cabbage 
and onion. Season to taste.


2 eggs beaten
1 cup flour
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp baking powder (makes them fluffy)
enough water to moisten 

Mix all together in a bowl with handle to form a thick paste. 

Boil pot of water. 

Drop 1/2 tsp of dough into boiling water if it stays together puffs and 
comes to the top the dough is fine. If it falls apart add a little more 
flour to dough, test again.  

Drop by tiny spoons full into water.** 

Dip spoon into water makes dough slide off easier. 

Cook till all come to the top & are tender. 

Drain. That's it! I usually make a double batch for family of 4 you can 
also drop into boiling soup too, but I like to keep it separate. 

For Potatoe Drop Noodles add 2 pureed raw potatoes to same receipe it 
makes more noodles. 

** I recently took a black plastic tray, the kind meat come in at the 
grocery store. Drilled about 50 holes into the bottom with a 1/4 inch 
drill, then sanded it to smooth off all the edges. This works great..... 
hen your water come to a boil pour all your noodle batter into the tray 
all at once.  Holding over water use spatula to push the batter thru the 
holes in less then a minute all the batter is in the water. 

This make very uniform dumplings... and they all cook at the same time. 
If they are too big make a smaller one with 1/8 inch holes, or 1/2 inch  
holes if you want the dumplings bigger 

Haluski Kapusta - Noodles & Cabbage
Melt 1/2 lb butter in pot fry 2 chopped onions 

Add 1 small head of cabbage chopped 

Fry till browned add salt & pepper & garlic powder 

Make a double batch of noodles mix into fryed cabbage cook on low till hot. 

Lum's Mustard

Hi uncle phaedrus,

don't know if you will receive this or not but am taking the time to send 
you a response.this is not a request or question

this is a thank you note. I thank you for providing esoteric information, 
saving me time, posting the recipes, and entertaining me and my friends. 

my name is irini. 

In surfing this morning I came across your site. Very impressive. i was 
intrigued with the lum's dilemma of mustard and ollie sauce.

i like to research. so i got on the phone and called my dad who lives 
in Utica NY where a Lum's used to be. he remembered some folks that 
worked there. so i tried to contact them by way of land line (phone). 

so they gave me comments with the instructions that they remain 
anonmynous as part of the joke...

one female  (ex-waitress) said:
yeah. i worked at Lum's. the Ollie red sauce we mixed with water and 
brushed on the burger. The Ollie blue powder was shaken on the fries. 
They never told us what was in the stuff and i never ate it. but the 
customers were happy so i didn't care then. now i only eat organic 
and what i grow in my garden.

another  (ex-dishwasher) guy said:
who cares what was in it?. it was a selling point.
OK! the secret was BEER for christ's sake. we used lots of flat beer. 
i can't tell you what exactly was in it. but my wife is a cook/chef 
and she said you can try this for you hotdogs:

1 can flat beer
2 can water
1/2 tsp ground anise
2 tsp honey or sugar

cook the dogs in this water until they are done then cook 10 minutes more. 
then broil or grill. put the mustard on the bun (we like potato buns) we 
take regular yellow mustard and add beer and maoynnaise to it.
this is good or better than Lum's but reminds us of the food there. bye!.

found this on the net. hope i added all the proper references and credits. 
you probably by now know this. bare with  me. be patient. maybe something 
new will be here. and maybe you can edit it for use. if not, i apologize 
and thank you for your time.

Lum's Ollieburger
Posted by CookinMom at May 18, 2001

3 tablespoons lemon juice
1 1/2 teaspoons seasoned salt
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 tablespoon A-1 Steak Sauce
1 tablespoon corn oil
1/2 cup beef broth
1 teaspoon Heinz 57 Sauce
1/4 teaspoon garlic salt
1 teaspoon vinegar

Mix the above ingredients.

Take 1 1/2 to 2 pounds of ground round and shape meat into round 
patties, 3/4-inch thick and 3 1/2-inches round.

Place in a covered container and pour the marinade mixture over 
them. Cover tightly and refrigerate 12 hours or overnight. Turn 
the patties frequently.

Remove from marinade and sear over high heat to seal in the juices, 
then turn down heat and cook to your desired doneness.
lum's mustard

here's your mustard. lums was a good place but they couldn't market 
successfully. that's why they are non-existent now. lost my job. gone 
downhill since then. but here is your mustard. is it lum's? who cares. 
i am a horseradish and mayo man myself.

1/2 c any cheep yellow mustard  
1/2 c karo corn syrup    
1/4 c honey or white sugar
1/4 c Mayonnaise  
1/8 tsp garlic powder

such passions over fast food!!!!!!!

connie insists this is the mix for the Ollie's Red sauce (can you prove it? 
i don't know):

1/2 C sugar  
1/2 C salt  
2 TBS paprika  
2 TBS ground cayenne  
1 TBS ground cumin    
1 TBS ground celery seed
1/2 TSP ground coriander seed  
2 tsp garlic powder  

mix together in a blender or jar.
add water as needed and brush on the burgers before cooking, during cooking 
and before serving!!!!

the Ollie's blue spices seems to be mostly finely ground black pepper, 
some ground cayenne pepper, a little sugar and salt. but i did not find 
anyone this morning who knew the proportions.

another recipe i got from an ex-employee for Ollie's red sauce was this:

1 C chili powder  
1 TBS garlic powder  
1 tsp onion powder  
1/2 tsp cumin  
1 1/2 tsp salt  
1 tsp groung black pepper

mix up in a jar. when ready to use, make a sauce with one parts water and 
beer each. whisk into the spices and use as a coating or brush on meat and 
cook. for a good zing add 1/4 c vinegar to your mix or 1/2 c worchester sauce.

sue said that whaT THEY DID TO ENHAnce the beefy taste of the burger was to 
add 1 to 2 tsp salt to each pound of burger meat. mix it up good. let sit in 
the refrig overnight then make the patties for the day. then put some red 
ollie sauce over the meat when ordered. she worked at lums in the 70's.

well, thanks for the challenge. don't know if i added to your reserve of 
knowledge or not. you seem to be pretty up on things anyway.

take care...


See also: Phaed's Lum's Page

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Lum's Ollieburger Spices


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