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Stickney’s Rib BBQ Sauce

Subject: Stickney’s Rib BBQ Sauce
From: Bonnie
Date: 6/2/2019, 12:50 PM

On 6/2/2019 11:49 AM, Bonnie wrote:

Hey, Phaedrus! I haven’t requested a recipe in AGES! Glad to know you’re still 
out there helping us re-create our food memories.

I am looking for the Stickney’s Rib BBQ Sauce recipe. We had a Stickney’s in 
Palo Alto for a great many years, but it closed back in 2000. A couple of my 
friends were waxing nostalgically about the sauce recently, describing it as 
“very unique” and “not as sweet as most sauces”. I never tasted it myself, 
so I can’t add anything else to the description.

I’ve looked around online for the recipe (or a recipe that purports to be a 
copycat), but have not found much. Can you possibly give it a try? I’d love 
to surprise my friends with a batch of it. ??

Thanks so much.

Happy trails,

 Hi Bonnie,

 I searched for recipes from Stickney's in 2016 and 2018. No luck. No luck today, either. Sorry.

There's a menu here: Stickney's Menu

and discussion of the sauce here: Stickney's BBQ Sauce

I'll post this for reader input.


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