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Stickney's Hot Crab Sandwich

Subject: Stickney’s Hot Crab Sandwich
From: Marilyn
Date: 7/25/2019, 9:30 AM

On 7/24/2019 6:35 PM, Marilyn wrote:
Dear Uncle Phaedra’s,

In the late 1960’s there was a restaurant on El Camino Real in Redwood City, Ca.  
It was one of a chain that since has closed. It was called Stickney’s. Lunch time 
on Fridays at the clinic meant that the nurses and doctors would head to Stickney’s 
for their hot crab and cheese sandwich.  Through the years I have concocted a number 
of different ones, but none are exactly as my husband and I both remember.

I have searched your archives and googled in vain.  Is there any chance that you
could locate this for me?  I will be forever grateful.

Thank you,

Hi Marilyn,

Sorry, I had no success with this search.

There is a scan of a menu from Stickney's in Redwood City here, but the hot crab sandwich isn't on it:

Stickney's Menu

The only mention at all that I could find of Stickney's hot crab sandwich is in the comments on this Facebook page devoted to Redwood City memories:

Redwood City Memories about Stickney's

Marilyn, I will post this on my site for reader input, but your best hope of locating this recipe is probably for you to post a request on the Redwood Cities Memories Facebook page. It's a public group, and you should join. It's possible that former employees of Stickney's might visit that page, and they might have a recipe or information about the hot crab sandwich. Go here to post: Redwood City Memories


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