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Red Robin Thousand Island Dressing

On 7/5/2018 4:22 PM, Aimee wrote:


 I was really hoping you can find Red Robinís 1000 island dressing.

 Thanks much,


Hi Aimee,

Sorry, I had no success finding this recipe. There are a couple of sites that claim to have it. One site claims to have 5 copycats for it, but the recipes have either been removed or else they never existed. Another site claims to have a recipe for "Wishbone Thousand Island Dressing" and "Red Robin Thousand Island Dressing", but instead of displaying a recipe, that site tries to download malware to your computer. I'd stay away from both sites.

I would speculate that Red Robin, like most chain restaurants, either has a central commissary where their sauces are made, bottled, and shipped to the local restaurants, or else they have contracted production of their sauces to an outside vendor. Either way, the sauces are not made in the local restaurants, and employees at the local restaurants would not know the recipe; only employees at the commissary or the vendor, and Red Robin headquarters, would have the recipe. Not only that, but the actual recipe is most likely one for making the dressing in gallons for bottling, and it may call for commercial flavorings that are extremely difficult for a home cook to obtain.

Your best bet would be a copycat recipe, which is someone's attempt to re-create the restaurant's recipe, or a "tastes-like" recipe, which is simply another recipe for, or brand of, thousand island dressing that someone recommends as tasting like Red Robin's. However, I was unable to locate either of these types of recipes for Red Robin's thousand island dressing. I'll post this for reader input. Maybe someone can, from their own experience, recommend a "tastes-like" recipe.


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