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Fried Mush

Re: recipe ???
From: Doug
Date: 10/9/2023, 9:13 AM
To: Phaedrus 

On 10/7/2023 10:02 PM, Doug wrote:

Hi again, I grew up in the 50's and 60's and my father use to make 
something I think was made of Cream of Wheat with salt in it and 
while it was hot he poured it into a bread pan then put it into 
the refrigerator to get cold. He would slice it the next day and 
pan fry it in butter and eat it with butter or syrup on it I hated 
it but, I wondered if you might know what it was called?? It was 
whiteish and a little yellow before frying it!! My father was born 
in Southern Indiana and grew up in the late teen's early 20's on a 
farm with very little money!!  If I can find out how to make it i'd 
like to make it now to see if I like it now!!!           

Douglas  Thanks  Again for all your Great work you do!!!!!

Hi Doug,

Hope you are well.

Your description brings back memories of my childhood in the Deep South. This dish was called "fried mush" and there were a lot of variations. In my part of the South, it was made with either cornmeal or cream of wheat or grits. Typically, for Mississippi, cornmeal held sway. If it was made with "Cream of Wheat," or "Farina" as it was also called, basic fried mush was prepared just as you describe: make the cream of wheat as usual (You could also use leftover Cream of Wheat from an earlier meal), put it in the fridge overnight (putting it in a loaf pan made it easier to slice when ready to fry.), slice it and fry it in butter or other fat, and enjoy it with syrup or sorghum molasses.

The closest recipe that I found to your description is this one: Fried Mush

These are similar:

Mom's Fried Left-Over Cream of Wheat

Hillbilly Cream of Wheat

As I said, there was a lot of variation. Most every family had preferred added ingredients and toppings, etc. Variations included adding milk or sugar or raisins or berries to the mush during preparation or as a topping before eating.