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Pappy & Jimmy's House Dressing

Subject: Pappy & Jimmy's House Dressing Recipe
From: Carl
Date: 12/11/2020, 12:35 PM

On 12/11/2020 12:12 AM, Carl wrote:

I am searching desperately for the House Dressing Recipe from Pappy & Jimmyís of 
Memphis Tennessee. Itís now in Covington but Iím not sure itís still in the family. 
I remember as a child going there for Birthdays and such. Back then when you went 
out to eat. You dressed appropriately for the occasion. I now live in Milwaukee but 
would treasure some of their homemade house dressing.
Hope yíall can help. Thanks. Carl 

Hello Carl,

Well, sad to say, I had no success finding a recipe for Pappy & Jimmy's house dressing.†

There is a lot of history and a menu from Pappy and Jimmy's on these sites:

Pappy's Place

Menu - Pappy's

That "Pappy & Jimmie's" in Covington doesn't appear to be owned by the same family, but it does claim a direct connection (by purchase) to the original Pappy & Jimmy's and is supposed to have the old recipes, even though they spell it "Jimmie's" instead of "Jimmy's" as the original restaurant did. They have a Facebook page at:† Pappy & Jimmies I'd say your best bet is to call them and and ask them if they still make their salad dressing from the old recipe (they might sell you a bottle) or if they still possess the old recipe (they might send you a copy of it.) Their phone number† is:† (901) 476-6002

I'll post this for reader input. Maybe someone has the recipe. It may have even been published in the Commercial Appeal or Memphis Press-Scimitar years ago.


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