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Unknown Sandwich Cookies

Re: unknown cookies
From: Betsy
Date: 3/2/2021, 3:59 PM

On 3/2/2021 8:37 AM, Betsy wrote:

When I was in college, my roommate, whose family lived on a farm in Virginia, 
would get deliveries of these homemade cookies from her grandmother. I have 
yearned for those cookies many times since then, but have been unable to find 
anything even remotely like them, and sadly, my roommate and I did not part 
on good terms.

The cookies looked a bit like New England whoopie pies, though flatter and 
with a more even distribution of filling, but they were nothing like them. 
The chocolate cookie part was firmer, like an Oreo. The filling was also 
firmer than both an Oreo and a whoopie pie - when you bit into the cookie, 
everything stayed put rather then gushing out the sides or the back. Neither 
the cookie nor the filling had a crunch to them, but they were firm. Each 
sandwich cookie was about 4 inches in diameter. I would love to find this 
recipe. Those cookies were so good.


Hi Betsy,

I can't locate a cookie recipe by a description like that. I'll post this for reader input. Maybe someone from Virginia knows what they are.

Meanwhile, go to Google images and look at all those photos of sandwich cookies and see if one of them matches your memory:

Google Images - Sandwich Cookies

If one of them seems right, click on it and see if it will take you to a recipe or at least to the name of the cookie.


None of these are quite right - it's the consistency of the filling that's wrong. 
While not right, this recipe looks tempting - I'll have to try it. 
Fudge Filled Peanut Butter Cookies

Maybe someone on the forum will be able to help. Thanks! 

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