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McKenzie's Bakery Holiday Cookies

Subject: McKenzie's Christmas Sugar Cookies
From: Salvador
Date:3/5/2021, 3:33 PM

On 3/5/2021 2:05 PM, Salvador wrote:

Do you have the recipe for the LARGE McKenzie's sugar-type cookies that were 
available only at certain holidays like Christmas. They were so good and a 
whopping 50 cents each. They had a chocolate glaze on top. Larger than the 
palm of an adult hand. My favorites!!!

Hello Salvador,

It's difficult for me to identify exactly which cookies you mean, since there is no particular name for the cookies and since I never saw them. I found a couple of recipes on the web. You'll have to look at the recipes and decide which, if any, are what you want. These are all that I can find.

This recipe is for large cookies that McKenzies offered at Valentines Day and Halloween, but they appear to have had colored vanilla frosting, not chocolate: Foodie for One

This recipe is also for a cookie they had at Halloween, with chocolate frosting and orange stripes: NOLA

This seems to be the same recipe: 12-12-2008

The main McKenzie's Bakery page is here: McKenzie's Bakery


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