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Basa Fish, Bocourti, Pangasius, Tra, Vietnamese Catfish

These are all names for the same Vietnamese catfish, "pangasius bocourti" which is also sometimes called "white ruffy". A close relative, also sold in the US and also from Southeast Asia, is "pangasius hypophthalmus". Sometimes these are sold as "tra".

For the taxonomy of basa and pangasius, see:
Basa Fish Taxonomy

Folks, in view of the recent revelations regarding Chinese seafood and the past issues regarding Vietnamese seafood, I do not recommend eating any seafood imported from those countries until the issues are cleared up. It is time for the FDA to begin regulating food for humans and animals that is imported into this country as tightly as they regulate foods for humans and animals that is produced in this country.The FDA budget must be increased to accomplish this, and they must be enabled and allowed to protect us from tainted foods from outside the country. Government regulation is not always a bad thing, and there are many things that the government can and must do and that they can do better than profit-motivated private industry.

For the "basa recipes" - these might work just as well with other fish - , see:

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