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Ebinger's Bakery

Ebinger's was a favorite of Brooklyn residents for many, many years. The first Ebinger's Bakery opened in 1898. However, Ebinger's failed to correctly read market trends and finally was unable to compete with mass produced pastries produced by companies like Entenmann's and sold at low prices in supermarkets. Ebinger's closed in bankruptcy on August 26, 1972.

Photo of Ebinger's

This book, which you can buy at Amazon, talks about Ebinger's:
"The Neighborhood Bake Shop: Recipes and Reminiscences of America's Favorite Bakery Treats" by Jill Van Cleave

Sorry, no success with any authentic Ebinger's Bakery recipes. When Ebinger's abruptly shut its doors in 1972, it's said that all of the recipes were locked in a safe from which they have never emerged. I saw a mention that Entenmann's Bakery has the original recipes, but that may be pure speculation. There are a few "tastes-like" recipes on the internet, but none has any true provenance. None can be traced back to an original Ebinger's recipe or a former Ebinger's employee, including the numerous "blackout cake" recipes. There is a suggestion for a "crumb cake" recipe that is on Ebinger's Bakery letterhead, but it is only a suggestion, not the actual Ebinger's recipe.

There is a nostalgic Ebinger's Bakery Facebook page here: Ebinger's Bakery

These are the only recipes that I have been able to locate:

I have not been able to locate these recipes from Ebinger's:

  • almond ring
  • bee cake
  • bran muffins
  • brownies
  • butter cake
  • butterscotch layer cake
  • buttercream almond layer cake
  • cheese Danish
  • cheesecake loaf
  • chocolate cake with green stripes
  • chocolate egg cake with mocha filling
  • corn muffins
  • domed cupcakes
  • fudge mary ann cake
  • maple walnut cake
  • marble cake
  • new year's cookies with caraway seeds
  • peach cake
  • pfeffernusse
  • pineapple layer cake
  • pineapple cheesecake
  • shadow Cake
  • strawberry cake with almonds
  • vanilla bisque cake with sliced almonds and mocha icing
  • white cake with chocolate icing and almonds
  • yeast cake
  • yellow cake with fondant icing
  • yellow layer cake with mocha buttercream frosting and almonds
  • yellow layer cake with chocolate icing

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