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Linda's Parisian Burger

Once upon a time, back in the years from 1956 to 1985, there was a place called "Linda's Drive-In" on the corner of Escuela and El Camino in Mountain View, California. Linda's sold a distinctive burger, called a "Parisian Burger", with "tater tots" on the side, that residents of Mountain View during that time are still pining for.

Here's an exact description of the burgers:
"Two fresh ground beef patties, our own special sauce & cheese served on a fisherman's wharf style sourdough bun."
I know that this description is accurate because it is directly from the front window of Linda's, which I saw and read in a photo:

Alas, those who pine for Parisian burgers have been stymied up until now. Although many Mountain Viewers and former Mountain Viewers have claimed to know how to make that "special sauce", none delivered on their boasts. Some said that the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce has the recipe, but even that is doubtful.

HOWEVER, a reader recently sent me a recipe that was given to her by a former Linda's employee, and it appears to be authentic! See: Linda's Parisian Burger Recipe

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