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Tiki and Polynesian Recipes

Tiki bars and restaurants were a big fad beginning after World War II. They've had ups and downs in popularity, but they have persisted through the decades. You can still find them today, and they may even be staging a comeback. Nearly every state in the union has at least one Tiki-style bar or restaurant, featuring sweet, fruity cocktails and Asian & Polynesian food with a bit of Mexican and Caribbean thrown in occasionally.

There are several websites devoted to Tiki food and culture. See these for starters:

Tiki Room

Critiki - Find a Tiki-themed bar or restaurant near you!

There are Tiki cookbooks available on with food and drink recipes:

Trader Vic's Tiki Party!: Cocktails & Food to Share with Friends by Trader Vic

Trader Vic's Book Of Food & Drink by Trader Vic

Trader Vic's Pacific island cookbook, with side trips to Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Mexico and Texas;: 300 food and drink recipes from 18 different places by Trader Vic

Retro Luau: Planning the Perfect Polynesian Party (Retro Series) (Hardcover) by Richard Perry

Here are the Tiki recipes that I currently have found, or have attempted to find:

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