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Ernest Weil

I searched the Interest for Blum recipes and found that the chef who
created the famous lemon crunch and coffee crunch cakes ( a very
favorite treat of my childhood) has put his cookbook on the Internet
for download.  Search using Ernest Weil.  The book is huge but
requires a contribution to a charity.  The site explains.  It is well
worth the donation.


Hi Pam,

Here's the link to the Cookbook:

"Love to Bake Pastry Cookbook" by Ernest Weil

Ernest Weil was the Manager of Bakery Operations at Blum's from 1941 to 1948. In 1948, he left Blum's to found his own bakery, called "Fantasia Confections", which he operated until 1989

People looking for specific Blum's recipes may or may not find them in this book, because they may have been created by Blum's after Weil left Blum's in 1948. He did create the crunch cakes, which can be found in the book as well as here:

Lemon Crunch Cake & coffee crunch cake

The book may have more Fantasia recipes than Blum's recipes since Weil spent only 7 years at Blum's and 41 years at Fantasia.


Homemade Dish Soap

On 15 Jan 2008 at 19:09, Laurie wrote:

> I have been searching for a homemade, environmentally friendly dish
> soap/detergent recipe for some time now. I understand that some
> Amish/old-time people have their own versions. Might you be able to
> find a version of a dish soap recipe online? I am wondering if I have
> just been searching incorrectly to actually find a recipe.
> ~ Laurie

Hello Laurie,

I cannot find any mention of an Amish recipe for dish soap. There are a few ideas for homemade dish soaps on these sites:

Homestead Blogger

Homemaking Cottage


Thrifty Fun

As for environmentally friendly, that's something that tends to require a lot of research to determine, even when the recipe or product calls itself "green" or "environmentally -friendly". What I mean is this: Some homemade dish soap recipes call for lard or lye soap and some call for borax. Are lard or lye or borax harmful to the environment? That question has to be answered before these can be said to be environmentally-friendly. Some homemade dish soap recipes call for "castille soap". Is castille soap itself less harmful to the environment than ordinary commercial dish soap? Is the process and ingredients used in making castille soap environmentally friendly?


Cleaning Old Records

On 14 Jan 2008 at 15:11, Kathy wrote:

> Phaedrus -
> I finally got my stereo system going.  In digging out my records, I
> find the covers they are in smell like the basement they were stored
> in for many years.  Is there some way to get the smell out of them?
> And to clean the records, which appear clean but I want to make sure
> they are clean so the needle lasts.
> Also, I have inherited my mother's and mother-in-law's recipes and
> books.  I noticed you were interested in nostalgic recipes.  If there
> are any in particular you are looking for, I can look through these.
> You have helped me so many times over the years that I would be
> grateful if I could be of help to you.
> Kathy

Hi Kathy,

There is information here about cleaning vinyl records:


and here about removing musty smell from books, which should also work for record covers:

Thrifty Fun


Butterscotch Pie

This pie calls for boiling unopened cans of sweetened condensed milk for 
hours.  There is at least one school of thought that believes this practice  to 
be dangerous with a possibility of the cans exploding.  
I am enclosing a recipe for a Butterscotch Cream Pie that I have made for 
years.  Perhaps, this will satisfy the craving for Caramel Pie.
Butterscotch Pie
1/3 cup butter
2/3 cup brown sugar
Mix together in cast iron skillet.  Boil until sugar is  dissolved.
In a bowl, mix:
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup flour
1 tablespoon corntarch (and a little more)
1 cup brown sugar
Alternately add this mixture and 2 2/3 cups milk to mixture in skillet with  
skillet on heat.  Mix well after each addition.  Cook and stir until  thick 
(4-6 minutes).  Remove pan from heat.
Beat 4 egg yolks.  Add some of hot mixture to eggs and mix well.   Put egg 
mixture back in skillet.  Put back on heat and blend  thoroughly.  Add 1 tsp 
vanilla and 1 tsp butter.  Remove from  heat.  Stir until butter melts.  Pour 
into baked pie shell.
Top with meringue or sweetened whipped cream.
In a small saucepan, mix the following:
1/4 cup sugar
1 tbsp cornstarch
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 cup water
Boil and cool completely.
Beat 4 egg whites and 1/4 cup sugar.  Add 1/2 tsp vanilla and cooled  mixture 
form saucepan.  Beat until stiff.  Spread on pie and broil  quickly until 
light brown.  Refrigerate until completely chilled.   Store in refrigerator.
Pie Crust
1 cup flour
1/3 cup Crisco
1/2 tsp salt
Cut Crisco into flour and salt.  Add ice water one tbsp at a time  until 
dough forms.  Roll out and fit into greased pie plate.  Prick  bottom and sides. 
Bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes or until light  brown.
I love your site. 

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