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7 Bean Soup

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  From: Cheryl
  To: phaedrus
  Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 9:08 AM
  Subject: Looking For

  My husbands granny has made the best soup and I think its 7 bean 
  soup or something like that I can't remember.  She died back in 
  july of 2002 and I was just wandering if you might know!! She 
  wouldn't even give her kids the recipe because she said it was 
  special.  And if anyone was going to make it she was...  Help 
  please I miss that soup 


I did find a couple of recipes with that name. See below.


  7  Bean  Soup  Mix

   Ingredients : 
   1/2 c. lentils
   1/2 c. sm. red beans
   1/2 c. kidney beans
   1/2 c. split peas
   1/2 c. yellow split peas
   1/2 c. chick peas
   1/2 c. pinto beans

   Preparation : 
      Mix all beans together.  Place in bag or jar and give with a
   recipe for bean or minestrone soup.  Package in 2 cup portions. 
   (Recipe follows.)  Wash beans thoroughly.  Place in large kettle and
   cover with water and 2 tablespoons salt.  Soak overnight.  In the
   morning, drain and add 2 quarts of beef broth (or use bouillon to
   make broth).  Add 2 large ham hocks and bring to a boil.  Simmer 2-3
   hours.  Then add 1/2 cup chopped onion, 1/2 c. sliced celery, 1
   large can tomatoes, 1/2 cup sliced carrots, a dash of nutmeg and
   salt and pepper to taste.  Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice.  Simmer
   30-45 minutes.  Serve sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.
   7  Bean  Soup

   Ingredients : 
   1 lb. mixed beans
   2-2 1/2 qt. water
   A meaty ham bone or about 1 lb. ham or kielbasa
   Salt & pepper to taste
   1/4 c. minced parsley
   28 oz. can tomatoes (about 1 qt.)
   2 onions, chopped
   6 ribs celery, chopped
   1 bell pepper (optional)
   2 cloves garlic, minced
   1 tsp. dried red pepper flakes

   Preparation : 
     Cover beans with water.  Bring to a boil.  Cook 2 minutes.  Remove
   from heat.  Cover and let stand 1 hour.  Drain and rinse.  Add 2
   quarts water and ham/kielbasa.  Simmer 45 minutes.  Remove ham and
   cut up meat.  Return  meat to pot with remaining ingredients.  Bring
   to boil, lower heat and simmer 20-30 minutes.  More water or 1/2 cup
   red wine may be added if you prefer.  Soup is usually better the
   second day.   

Canarian Potatoes

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  From: Ken 
  To: phaedrus
  Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 10:53 PM
  Subject: Canarian potatoes

  do you have a recipe for Canarian potatoes - as found in Tenerife. Thanks, Ken

Hi Ken,

Two below, with some more Canarian recipes.


  Papas Aguardias - Canarian Potatoes boiled and coated in rock salt 

  2 kg Small potatoes - (Black if possible)
  4 Tablespoons Rock Salt - (NOT table salt)

  Wash the potatoes thoroughly in fresh water. Do not peel, add potatoes 
  to saucepan of fresh water with 4 tablespoons of Rock Salt. Bring to 
  the boil and simmer fast for 20 min until cooked. Drain off excess 
  water, leaving small amount of water in bottom. Return to heat an boil 
  off remaining liquid, keeping potatoes moving until skin are dry. Remove, 
  any excess salt (not all) from skins with tissue and serve in separate, 
  warmed bowl.  
  "Mojos Canarion" 
  Papas arrugadas con salsa mojo 
  Place medium red potatoes in a pan with 1/3 cup of salt and cook for 
  30-40 minutes. drain off the water, rinse off any excess salt and return 
  potatoes to the heat until they are dry.Coat with sauce. 
  Red mojo sauce or (salsa mojo picon) 
  (No two recipes seem to be the same for mojo sauces but these are fairly 
  Olive oil or Sunflower oil and a little wine vinegar plus lots of garlic, 
  red pepper, a chilli or two and a pinch of cumin and some whole cumin seeds, 
  all pounded together in a mortar. Thicken with a little hard white bread 
  as required.  
  In the Canaries a local "saffron" (azafran del pais) is used but if you 
  have access to this it will be easier to buy the sauce in a bottle ! 
  Green Mojo Sauce (salsa mojo verde or salsa verde picante) 
  Oil, wine vinegar, green pepper, garlic, finely chopped parsley and 
  coriander leaves.Include avocado for a creanier sauce.This time don't add 
  any breadcrumbs as this is a thin sauce for fish. 
  Carrot sauce (mojo de zanahoria Canarion) 
  Oil, garlic, paprika,salt, vinegar, carrot (pureed) and thyme or other 
  I had this sauce in an excellent Valentine's day gala meal at the parador 
  up in the old crater on Tenerife. 
  Corazon de solomillo San Valentin - Parador de Turismo de las Canadas del 
  Slice open a piece of centre fillet steak to make a "book". Fill the book 
  with carrot mojo, dip the whole thing in beaten egg and just show it to 
  the frying-pan (both sides !). Serve with a boiled potato or some asparagus. 

Chocolate Banana Creme Brulee

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  From: Billie
  To: phaedrus
  Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 3:52 PM
  Subject: help

  Hi again, Hope your holidays were good for you and yours..I don't even 
  know if what I am looking for is a real receipt or a made up one by the 
  resturant I ate at...Reno Hilton, Reno Nev.  It was a Cream Brulee..on 
  the bottom it had a thin layer of chocalate also like a frosting, a layer 
  of banana's then the cream brulee like pudding..this is the 1st time I had 
  this desert and looking for the receipt I found there are lots of types..
  Have you this one...thanks again  Billie

Hi Billie,

Was it something like the recipe below?


  Bittersweet Chocolate Creme Brulee W/Caramelized Bananas 
Source: Great Chefts of America Cook Kosher
Serves: 6

2 cups +2 tablespoons whole milk
3/4 cup heavy cream
3 1/2 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped into small pieces
5 large egg yolks
1/3 cup +1/2 tablespoons sugar
2 bananas
1/3 cup +1/2 tablespoon light brown sugar 

Preheat oven to 275 degrees.

In a medium saucepan, over medium heat, bring the milk and cream, mixed together, to a boil. 
Add the chopped chocolate to the cream-and-milk mixture; set aside for 5 minutes.

In a mixing bowl, beat the egg yolks with the granulated sugar. While whipping the egg mixture, 
pour in the chocolate mixture. Let cool.

Fill 6 ungreased 4 ounce ramekins with equal amounts of of the chocolate brulee mixture. Poach 
in a water bath in the oven for 50-60 minutes, or until set. Transfer ramekins to a baking sheet 
and let cool. 

Decorate the top of each with 5 or 6 slices of bananas. Sprinkle brown sugar and broil the creme 
brulees under the broiler until the sugar melts and turns a golden color.

Deep Butter Coffee Cake

From: "James" 
To: phaedrus
Subject: Deep Butter Coffee Cake
Date: Friday, January 31, 2003 12:31 AM

My sister-in-law, Suzie, gave me a variation of the recipe you provided 
as follows:

Suzie's version of the same
1 Box Betty Crocker Pound Cake Mix
1 tsp vanilla
2 eggs
1 stick melted margarine/butter

Blend all together well and spread in a 9 X 13 pan

Then mix:
1 pkg (8 ounces) Cream Cheese
2 eggs
1 box (16 ounces) Powdered Sugar (save 2 Tbl for topping when cake is cool)

Mix well and spread on top of cake.

Bake in 350 degree oven 35  40 minutes

Dazey Donut Maker

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  From: Sue
  To: phaedrus
  Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 8:51 AM
  Subject: recipe

  Love your site.  I lost my booklet that come with a Dazey electric 
  donut maker back in the 70's.   The recipes you have on your site  
  now don't work very well.  If you can find this, I would be elated.  
  Their basic donut recipe is the best.  You can add apple cider instead 
  of milk or water and they taste just like Cider Mill donuts.



Hello Sue,

Below is the only thing that I could find.


  Donut Maker Recipes K (2002)

  For electric doughnut makers (like a waffle iron) in which a batter is
  poured in and in 3 to 5 minutes doughnuts are baked.

  Old Fashioned Donuts (Donut Machine)
  Yield 20-22

  4 1/2 cups flour
  1 3/4 cups sugar
  7 teaspoons baking powder
  2 teaspoons salt
  1 teaspoon nutmeg -- optional
  3 eggs
  2 teaspoons vanilla (or favorite flavoring)
  2 cups milk
  1 cup oil

  Sift flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and nutmeg at medium speed, 
  beat eggs and vanilla, add milk, oil and dry ingredients alternately 
  to egg-sugar mixture beat well after each addition add batter to each 
  donut mold in preheated oiled donut maker bake until browned.


  1 cup confectioners sugar 
  3 Tbsp chocolate flavored syrup
  1/8 tsp. vanilla extract
  2 tsp. (about) milk

  Mix confectioners sugar and chocolate syrup; add vanilla. Add just enough 
  milk to make mixture spreadable.

  1/2 cup honey 
  2/3 cup confectioners sugar
  Mix until smooth.

  Basic Vanilla Glaze
  1/2 cup confectioners sugar 
  1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
  2 tsp. hot milk
  Sift confectioners sugar. Add milk and vanilla. Mix until smooth.

  Immediately after applying Basic Vanilla Glaze sprinkle donuts with:
  Chopped nuts 
  Chopped candied fruit peels
  Chopped maraschino cherries 
  Food coloring (1-2 drops)
  Grated coconut

  Cinnamon Sugar
  3/4 cup sugar 
  1 Tbsp. cinnamon

  Combine sugar and cinnamon in clean bag. Shake well to mix. Add warm 
  donuts, 2 or 3 at a time. Shake lightly until donuts are coated.

  NOTES : Preheat closed for 5 to 6 minutes - open and add 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. 
  vegetable oil to each donut mold (close lid, wait a few seconds until oil 
  is hot, then add batter, always keep lid closed between oil adding operations 
  and subsequent cooking uses) add batter (approximately 1/4 cup) close and 
  lock into position. Bake to desired doneness (approximately 5 to 7 minutes).
  Remove with fork and unit is ready for next use.

  Plain Donuts (Donut Maker)
  Makes approximately 10 donuts

  1/4 cup cooking oil
  1 cup flour, all-purpose -- sifted
  1/2 cup plus 1 Tbsp. sugar
  1 tablespoon double-acting baking powder
  1/2 teaspoon salt
  1/2 cup milk
  1 egg
  Flavoring: vanilla, lemon, orange or almond extract
  cinnamon or nutmeg to taste

  Combine and sift together dry ingredients beat egg and milk together and 
  then add the cooking oil blend into dry ingredients preheat donut maker 
  for 10 minutes; pour in batter, add = tsp. oil to top of unit within first 
  2 minutes bake for 5 minutes or for crisper donuts, bake until oil NO 
  LONGER bubbles from the holes in top of lid. Roll in granulated or 
  confectioners sugar.

  Donut Maker Instructions
  If you have the Donut Factory by Dazey you can use any sort of cake batter 
  or something of that consistency. Heat the appliance for 10 minutes, then 
  fill the bottom part with batter. Close and put 1/2 tsp of oil in the holes 
  in the top. Cook for about 5 minutes.


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