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The Hungry Penguin

From: donna 
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 2:49 PM
Subject: recipes

Hi! You found recipes for me in the past; I have another request 
for two hamburger recipes.  The first is a batter-dipped, deep fried 
burger from "The Hungry Penguin" restaurant in Detroit. 
Would love it if you could locate these.

Hi Donna,

I found several mentions of “The Hungry Penguin”, but the only mention I could find of this burger was on this page: Deep-Fried Cheeseburger

No recipe, but you could probable cobble something similar using the instructions on that page and something like onion ring batter.


Rhode Island Brownies

From: robin
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014 7:02 PM
Subject: Recipe

Hi Uncle P. 

I am a transplant in Texas from Rhode Island. In RI,  you can 
find family bakeries all over. Here in Texas, I have yet to find 
one, while I am sure there are some, nothing is the same as 
back east. 

I have looked and looked for a good old fashioned bakery 
brownie recipe. This might sound strange, but the brownies 
you get from most bakeries in RI don't really taste like brownies. 
They are kind of bland to be honest, blander than brownies you 
make from a box. I am in search of one of those recipes from a 
real bakery, complete with frosting recipe. It definitely goes 
hand in hand..... crappy  brownie, crappy frosting but tons and 
tons of memories. Always walnuts in it too. 

If you could find this recipe, you truly are "The master"

Thanks in advance,


Hello Robin,

Sorry, I could not find any mention at all of a brownie peculiar to Rhode Island bakeries, much less a recipe to make them at home. If there is a particular recipe for them, aside from the commercial recipe that the bakeries likely use, then the place to ask about it would be here: Pages in Time That’s specifically a Rhode Island food site. They offer two cookbooks of Rhode Island recipes for sale( I don’t know if there is a brownie recipe in either of them.). There are some recipes for Rhode Island baked goods on the site, but a brownies recipe is not among them. There is a message board on that site where current & former R.I. residents post about R.I. foods. That might be the place for you to start. Ask if anyone knows anything about them. Perhaps you can get more info about the brownies there, if not a recipe. I will post your request on my site, but I’d say that R.I. site is your best option.


Swans Down Chocolate Cake

From: Judy
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014 7:57 PM
Subject: swansdown cake recipe

I am looking for a recipe that was on the Swansdown Cake 
Flour box back in the middle fifties..
It was a light chocolate cake made with cocoa and light 
chocolate icing....Thank you so much...Judy

Hello Judy,

Sorry, there’s no way for me to locate a recipe from when it was on a product box.

There is a photo of a Swansdown box with a recipe called “Simple Chocolate Cake” here: Gita However, it has chocolate, rather than cocoa.

There are two more chocolate cake recipes that have appeared on the Swansdown box here: Taste of Home

Another one here. This one does have cocoa, but the year is unknown: Suji's Cookbook

I looked at a lot of photos of Swans Down boxes with recipes and SD magazine ads, but I didn’t see a recipe that fit your description exactly.


Thank you so much....Once again you have helped me find a recipe...
I believe one of those IS the one I am looking for....Thanks again....Judy

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