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Swiss Colony Pretzel Dip

Subject: Swiss Colony Pretzel Dip Recipe
From: Mike
Date: 3/1/2020, 10:36 AM

On 3/1/2020 7:54 AM, Mike wrote:

Hello Phaedrus -
I have just learned of your site and am amazed with all you have to offer! Thanks to you!
There was an old childhood favorite from the late 1970s and early 1980s... I can still 
remember the taste! Every Christmas, we would have Swiss Colonyís pretzel dip with 
(the small barrel shaped) pretzels. My siblings and I all have wonderful memories of this, 
and I am surprised this product is no longer available! I have also contacted the company 
several times and nobody seems to know what I am talking about.
My challenge is that I do not know how to thoroughly describe it. It was a garlic + mix 
that was added into sour cream. When complete, it was a white-ish color and there were 
speckles of brown spices... I wish I could say more.
And finally, to add to my aggravation, I once located a copy cat (not the recipe, but the 
product) at a farmers market... so it is out there. I hope you can offer some thoughts!
Thanks for all you do!
And finally, of all the recipes you have discovered, you must have tried a few... any 
surprising personal favorites?
Many thanks - Mike - Charlotte, NC.

Hello Mike,

Gosh, I can't find any mention at all of this dip. Sorry. I'll post this for reader input.


Re: pretzel dip
From: Michael
Date: 11/24/2021, 10:57 AM

On 11/24/2021 9:34 AM, Michael wrote:

 First, I would like to thank you for such a generous site!

I have been looking for a recipe from the 1980ís.

Swiss Colony used to have year round stores across the country, 
and we had a family favorite, that is no longer available, and 
I have been searching for some time.

It is a Pretzel Dip, that was often served with the small barrel shaped pretzels.

I recall it being savory, maybe with garlic and other wonderful spices.

Any advice would be most appreciated! It would be awesome to surprise loved ones at Christmas!

My thanks to you, MIke

†Hi Mike,

I think you wrote to me last year asking about this dip. See: 3-11-2020

Sorry, I still cannot find even a mention of this dip.

Without knowing the ingredients of the dip, I can't even offer any advice. There are a lot of "pretzel dip" recipes on the web, but they are mostly things like honey mustard or cream cheese dips. I looked for a photo of a Swiss Farm pretzel dip jar, hoping that I could read the label for the ingredients, but I had no success finding even a picture of the jar.

Another company, "Eastern Standard Provisions", sells little barrel-shaped soft pretzels and in a photo on their site, they show a white pretzel dip with black specks.
See:† Eastern Standard Provisions They don't appear to sell that particular dip, all the dips they sell seem to be mustard dips. However if you think that is it, you can contact them and maybe they can tell you what kind of dip the pictured one is. Then perhaps you can locate a recipe for it.


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