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Wayside Inn Wheat Muffins

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From: "Sandy" 
Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2010 4:05 PM
Subject: Looking for a recipe...

> Hello,
> I have tried to locate this recipe for my sister.  It is the recipe for 
> _Wheat Muffins_.  The recipe was on the back of the package of wheat flour 
> milled at the "Old Grist Mill" and sold at "The Wayside Inn" in Sudbury, 
> Massachusetts.  The recipe is no longer on the back of the package and 
> unfortunately my sister never saved it.  The restaurant couldn't help and 
> I've tried to Google it as well.  I contacted King Arthur Flour because I 
> believe they were one of the companies who milled wheat flour at the "Old 
> Grist Mill" many years ago--- no luck.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thank you,
> -Sandy

Hi Sandy,

Sorry, I cannot find even a mention of Wayside Inn wheat muffins or a recipe from a bag of flour from "The Old Grist Mill". The recipe for their corn muffins is here:
Corn Muffins

And the one for their pumpkin muffins is here:
pumpkin muffins

They have a website here:
Wayside Inn

There's an article about the mill here:
Edible Communities

You can contact Longfellow's Wayside Inn here:
Longfellow's Wayside Inn: Boston Post Road, Sudbury;
978-443-1776 or 800-339-1776;

I'll post this so that perhaps a reader can help.


Strawberry Sorbet Pie

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From: Lori 
Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2010 2:07 PM
Subject: re: looking for a recipe


My name is Lori. Last year for passover my mother gave me a copy of a great 
recipe for a pie that had a macaroon crust with a strawberry sorbet filling. 
It came from a synagogue in Milford CT.

The crust was margarine, macaroons, sugar and am not sure of other ingredients. 
It was all mixed together and pushed into a springform pan. It was baked for 
8-10 minutes so the crust did not burn. It was filled with the sorbet which I 
remember being pareve whipped cream, strawberries, egg whites and am unsure of 
other ingredients. It may or may not have had raspberry sauce in it.

It was an amazing desert.

Hope you can help.



Hello Lori,

Sorry, I had no success with this.


Bodacious BBQ Barbecue Sauce

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From: Mark 
Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2010 12:40 AM
Subject: BBQ sauce recipe question

I am looking for a bbq sauce recipe.  A real good SMOKY SWEET bbq sauce recipe. 
Now, I realize that you may have no way of knowing (unless you have ways of 
finding out) but THE sauce recipe I would kill to have is the BBQ sauce recipe 
like that of Bodacious BBQ in Monroe Louisiana.  This is the sauce I've tried to 
make in my 25 years or so of making BBQ sauce.  This is a dark, smoky, sweet sauce 
that is not too thick not too thin, (pourable) that is just GREAT on ALL types of 
"que".  I have made hundreds of sauce recipes that I've gotten from BBQ books and 
off the web, and a lot of them are good, but none are even close to the sauce made 
at Bodacious.  I'm talking "Heaven In A Bottle"!  If you have or can find, a sauce 
recipe that you could send me that you feel may be the best "smoky-sweet bbq sauce, 
I would not only be grateful, but I'd invite you over for some really good ribs or 
pork butt, I just need a really good sauce to go with it.  I can cook, I can produce 
some championship quality barbecue, but I have never developed the "trates" that it 
takes to make really good, noteworthy bbq sauces.  Any help you can send my way is 
really going to be helpful.
Thank you for your time and consideration in helping me to find that perfect 
bbq sauce recipe.  Please contact me, MARK.

West Monroe, Louisiana

Hello Mark,

There used to be a place here called "Omar's". Best BBQ plates and ribs I ever ate until the place burned down & they never rebuilt. They had a smoky, hearty sauce. Barbecue sauces are different everywhere you go. We have what's called Memphis-Style BBQ around here. I wouldn't call it smoky-sweet. It's more tart than sweet.

I had no success at all in finding a recipe that even claimed to be similar to that of Bodacious Barbecue in Monroe.

I love good barbecue, Mark, but I'm no barbecue sauce expert, so I'm going to direct you to someone who knows more about it than me:
Derrick at

Check out his site, write him with your request, read the posts on his forum, and post on his forum. There are some real experts on there. That's the best advice I can give.


Morrison's Lemon Chess Pie

A previously requested recipe.

Morrison's Lemon Chess Pie


4 1/2 lbs 	sugar
7 oz		cake flour
3 1/2 oz	lemon crystals
4 oz		powdered milk
pinch		salt
2 lbs 		eggs
3/4 lb 		melted margarine
3 lbs		hot water

Mix the first 5 ingredients together well. Add the eggs a little at a time. Mix well.
Add melted margarine (must be melted) and mix well. Add hot water (must be hot) and 
mix well.Fill 5 pie shells. Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes. Use whipped cream to 
The morrison's lemon chess pie recipe is on target, except it is 5 oz lemon powder and 
the powdered milk can be 1 1/2 quarts of whole hot milk and if using powdered milk it is 
1 1/2 quarts water. 


Miles Fisher's Restaurant

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From: Ina 
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2010 8:23 AM
Subject: Miles Fisher Restaurant, North Broad St., Philadelphia, PA

I am looking for anything about a legend restaurant from the 1930's through 
perhaps the 1950's, called "Miles Fisher."  They were located on North Broad St. 
in Philadelphia, Pa.  No restaurant that I have found since then was ever as 
good.  I waited patiently, with my mother, in a long line in front of the restaurant 
every Sunday, and when we got as far as the inside of the door, oogled the diners 
close to us to see and salivate over the food set before them. Their fried shrimp 
were butterflied, and plump, and coated in the best crust ever.  They were also known 
for their oyster bar, and their blueberry pie.  Except for losing Horn & Hardart, the 
people I know were never so sorry to see the demise of this restaurant.  Can you find 
anything about them?  History?  Recipes?  Thank you.  Ina r

Hello Ina,

Well, Ina, there just isn't much information about it on the Internet, certainly no recipes.

There's a menu from Miles Fisher's Restaurant here:
Miles Fishers Restaurant Menu Philadelphia PA 1930s

There's an article about a "Fisher's Restaurant" in Philly here, but I can't tell if it's the same one because they don't give the address:Fisher's Restaurant

Jovun Bokun, who formerly worked at Fisher's Restaurant, has opened his own restaurant, called "Jovun's Place", at 2327 E. York St. See:
Jovun's Place
However, Jovun's Place specializes in Eastern European cuisine, so the menu may be quite different from Fisher's.

Ina, your best bet for more information about Miles Fisher's Restaurant on North Broad Street in Philadelphia is going to be a message board or blog dedicated to Philadephia Memories such as this one and posting about it:

Philly Memories


"I loaded my plate with mussels and shrimp, marinated octopus, prosciutto, smoked mackerel, oily roasted peppers, two gleaming whole anchovies, and a thick wedge of artichoke frittata.
'I think you missed the squid,' she said."
A Glancing Light by Aaron Elkin

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