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Custard Cream Buns

From: "Lena" 
Subject: Custard Cream Buns
Date: Saturday, February 21, 2009 1:06 PM

1/2 c. butter 
1 c. milk 
1/8 t. salt 
1 c. flour 
3 eggs.

1 c. powdered sugar 
1/8 c. butter 
1 T. milk 
1 tsp. almond extract. 

Heat oven to 400 degrees  Have ready: 1 ungreased cookie sheet.
Bring butter, milk and salt to a boil.  Remove from heat; add one 1
flour all at one time, mixing well.  Add eggs, 1 at a time, beating
well after each addition.  Drop by spoonfuls onto cookie sheet. 
Bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees; lower temperature to 350 degrees and
bake appx. 18 minutes longer.  Check after about 15 minutes.  Buns
should be tan, but not dark.
When cooled, frost with icing. Recipe makes 12 large buns, but they can
be made smaller and will yield 15 or 16.
Be sure to eat them within 24 hours.  They are not nearly as good a
day or so later.  Some have found that using an insulated cookie sheet
prevents buns from puffing up as they should.

Lazarus Dept Store Chicken Broccoli

Lazarus’ Chicken And Broccoli Casserole
Serves 4-6

Butter 1 stick
Celery, diced 2 cups
Onions, diced 1 cup
Green Pepper, diced 1/4 cup
Mushrooms, fresh, sliced 8 oz
Broccoli, fresh, chopped 1 lb.
Chicken, cooked, chopped 1 1/4 lb.
Cream Cheese 1 lb.
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Garlic Salt 1/4 t.

Sauté vegetables in melted butter until tender. Add chicken and seasonings. 
Add cream cheese to mixture and blend over low heat until cheese is melted. 
Pour mixture into buttered casserole and heat in 350 degree oven until top is 
golden brown.

HoJo's Mustard

howard johnson spicy mustard

Measure Ingredient 
1/4 cup Dijon mustard 
1/4 cup French's prepared mustard 
1/4 cup Honey 


Mix thoroughly.

Egg Butter

  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Joy 
  Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 1:52 PM
  Subject: Recipe request for "egg butter"

My Uncle's mother used to make Egg Butter each Easter and it was sweet, and no one in the family
knows how she did it.  It was sort of like an apple butter they said. Have you ever heard of it 
or have the recipe???  Thank you so much.


Hello Joy,

See below for two kinds.


  Egg  Butter

  2 c. sorghum molasses
  6 tbsp. butter or margarine
  4 beaten eggs
  1 tsp. vanilla

Combine sorghum molasses and butter or margarine in a large saucepan.  Bring mixture to boiling; 
remove from heat.  Stir a small amount of sorghum mixture into beaten eggs.  Return egg mixture 
to saucepan.  Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly or until thickened slightly.  Do not boil. 
Serve with pancakes over baked apples or as ice cream topping.  Makes 3 cups. 
  Egg  Butter

  1/2 cube butter
  1/2 c. sugar
  2 eggs
  2 tbsp. vinegar
  2 tbsp. flour
  Pinch salt
  1/2 c. water

In a medium saucepan melt butter; mix in flour until smooth, beat in eggs.  Add vinegar, salt and 
sugar.  Mix well, stir in 1/2 cup boiling water; mix again. Put over flame and stir until thick. 
Remove from heat.  This can be used as a sauce for ginger bread or cooled and eaten as a pudding. 

Chicken Outside the Box #6

People are always looking for new chicken recipes. Okay, I'm doing some looking outside the magazines and usual cookbooks.

Here's another one.

Armenian Oven-fried chicken (Korvatz Hav)
by Anahid Merigian

1 cup dry bread crumbs
1/3 cup Romano cheese, grated
1/4 cup parsley, minced
1/4 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp salt
11/2 sticks margarine (melted)
1 garlic, crushed
3 lbs broiling chicken, cut into serving pieces

Mix crumbs, cheese, parsley, pepper and salt. Combine margarine 
and garlic and dip chicken. pieces in the margarine. Roll each 
piece thoroughly in the bread crumb mixture.

Place pieces of chicken in a single layer in shallow baking pan. 
sprinkle with remaining bread crumb mixture. Bake at 350° until 
tender, about 50 minutes.

Serves 3-4


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