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Burger Chef Big Shef Sauce

On 4/4/2019 2:21 PM, Amy wrote:

Thank you for the information. Old burger (secret) sauces from defunct fast food chains are a 
passion of mine and they need to be shared.  I’m hoping to also find the sauce from Burger 
Chef’s “Big Shef” burger.  

Hi Amy,

Regarding the Big Shef sauce, I found the below recipe at: Reddit

I previously searched for Burger Chef's "Mushroom Burger" recipe. See: 06-26-2017


Big Shef Sauce

Dill relish (not sweet relish)
Dehydrated onions
Salad dressing (Miracle Whip will do)
Louisiana Hot Sauce

Add the dehydrated onions to the dill relish. Let it sit for a couple of hours for the onions to 
soak up the juice from the relish. Then add that mix to the salad dressing. Add a little hot sauce 
to bring out the flavor, but not too much.

Insides of bun sections should be lightly sprayed with coconut oil and toasted. Meat patties 
should be grilled.

Big Shef assembly (in order) - Bun heel, small slice of American cheese, salted & peppered small 
meat patty, bun center, second meat patty. Big Shef sauce, shredded lettuce, Bun top.

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