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Lum's Hot Dogs

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From: Cindy 
Sent: Tuesday, May 12, 2009 8:09 PM
Subject: Lum's hotdogs

I love your site, and have used it often.  While browsing, I came across your recipe 
for Lum's dogs.  I loved them when I was a child, but there are no more in the area. 
I tried the recipe listed, and it tasted nothing like the old dogs.  There is also a 
small dog joint in Carrollton, Ga-Charlie's Deli-that tastes like Lum's.  I really think 
that the start of the dog is actually the brand  that makes the dogs what they are. 
Is there anyway that you can locate the actual brand used by these restaurants?
Thanking you in advance.

Hello Cindy,

Sorry, I have idea what brand of wieners Lum's used. They were probably a Lum's proprietary brand that were made especially for them, rather than a common brand that you could pick up in the supermarket. However, there might be a brand of franks that tastes similar. My suggestion would be to try several different brands. Maybe a reader can help.


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From: Timm 
To: Phaed, Mr. 
Sent: Sunday, May 31, 2009 1:43 PM
Subject: Lums' Hot Dogs

One source of lum's Hot Dogs was Dirr Gold Seal Meats

See Link:


Timm in Oregon
Hi Timm, Thanks! That lead led me to the information that the Perlman brothers, who owned Lum's, also owned Dirr Gold Seal Meats. They also owned Caesar's Palace Casino in Las Vegas. Dirr Gold Seal Meats was operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lum's. Dirr Gold Seal Meats does not appear to exist any more. See: Google News Wikipedia "In 1956, Cliff Perlman and his brother Stuart founded the first store of fast food chain LUMS Inc. in Miami Beach, Florida." "The Perlmans had first entered the Florida business scene in 1956, via a small hot dog diner called Lum's that cost them a scraped-together $12,000. With Clifford commanding and Stuart executing, they had within a couple of years established a 389-unit franchise chain that spanned Canada, Puerto Rico, and 29 American states." "Cliff and his brother also owned Dirr's Gold Seal Meats, a business large enough to supply the Lum's chain with 25 percent of its packed meat products while keeping other eateries stocked as well." " The Perlmans sold the company in 1971 to John Brown of Kentucky Fried Chicken. At the time of sale, the company owned and franchised over 400 stores in the U.S., Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Europe." Phaed

More Hot Dog, Chili Dog & Coney recipes


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From: "Chuck" 
To: "'Phaedrus'"
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 1:31 PM
Subject: Love's Wood Pit BBQ


The more I think about working there, the more I recall.

I'm sure we used to smoke the entire sparerib, cut the tips, and flap meat
off afterward so the finished product looked more like a St. Louis or Kansas
Cut.  The ends and flap meat were ground and put into the beans, along with
other types of fat or unused smoked protein.

I recall using a lot of basting products (mop or mopping sauces), and some
were clear with pickling spices.  I know that the baste was sweet, but I'm
not sure what it was.  Could it have been honey, or was corn syrup around in
that period?  Do you have any information on that heading?

In addition, I'm looking for a recipe for Hogwash.  I first found it at
BBQ's Galore maybe 15 years ago, and the last time it was on their shelves
was 9 years ago.  It was cider vinegar baste made with a concentration of
onions, black pepper and lemon.

Hello Chuck,

I can't find a Hogwash recipe with those ingredients. There are two other recipes below. There are several sauces called "hogwash", including one that's primarily for oysters and other seafood. You can buy a basting sauce for pork called Hogwash here:

<>Hogwild BBQ


Hogwash for Pork Butt

Throw on the Butt fat side up and every 45 minutes or so spray it down with 
"Hog Wash" which is a mixture of:

1 cup apple cider or juice (cider is preferred)
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup Jack Daniels or other bourbon
1/4 cup REAL pure maple syrup
1 tsp of  Tabasco.
North Carolina Hogwash

1/2  cup water
1/2  cups cider vinegar
1  cup catsup
1  tsp salt
1  tbsp sugar
1  tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1  tbsp Tabasco sauce
1/2  tsp pepper
1  x finely chopped onion

1 Mix all ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for one hour.
2 Recipe by Jody Moore

I apologize for not including the variety of sites and recipes I had on this
thread.  I am aware of these products, and they are not the one I

I will contact BBQ Galore, and maybe someone will have a lead on the
company.  I'll let you know how that turns out.

I appreciate your help on this.


Angelo Pietro's Tomato Spaghetti Sauce

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From: Wayne 
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 12:10 PM
Subject: Angelo Pietro Tomato Sauce

Hi Phaed,

I am searching for the recipe for the tomato sauce used on spaghetti at Angelo Pietro 
restaurant in Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Angelo Pietro Honolulu
1585 Kapiolani Blvd. Suite 110
Honolulu, HI. 96814 
Ph: 808-941-0555

There are also about 100 Angelo Pietro restaurant locations through Japan.  Their claim 
is “A unique fusion of traditional Italian and Japanese flavors”

They use three other sauces on their spaghetti (cream sauce, shoyu sauce and garlic oil) 
but my favorite is definitely the tomato sauce.

Any help would be most appreciated.



Las Vegas,

Hello Wayne,

Sorry, this recipe doesn't seem to be available. Apparently no one has yet created a copycat.


Rusty's Seafood

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From: Michele 
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:02 PM
Subject: Recipe request

Hi there ...

I am searching for a recipe from  a long 
defunct restaurant in Long Beach California called Rusty's 
Seafood.  I think it was on Atlantic Blvd.  The recipes  
I want are  for their fried shrimp and garlic bread.  The 
shrimp were flattened out and then coated with a batter and fried.  
They were the best and they were huge.  As big as a hand.  I 
have tried to recreate these recipes and to search on line but have 
had  no luck at all.  Thank you for your help.


Hello Michele,

Sorry, there are no recipes available for these things as far as I can tell. The only things that I can find about Rusty's Seafood in Long Beach, CA are this article:

Rusty's Seafood

And this obituary for Rusty Thornton:

Rusty Thornton


From: "Michele "
To: "Phaedrus" 
Subject: Re: Recipe request
Date: Friday, May 15, 2009 4:59 PM


Boy, you are good.  I had not been able to find that article.  But you do see that I was 
asking for recipes that others have looked for.  I daresay, though certainly not healthy 
by a long shot, you would have loved these recipes as well.

Thank you so much.  I am happy I stumbled upon your site.  You can trust that I will be 
reading every last recipe you post.


From: Michele 
Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 7:02 PM
Subject: Re: Recipe request

Got it!

Rusty's Diner Garlic Bread


Michelle found the Garlic Bread recipe. Can anyone help with the shrimp?


Melting Pot Vanilla Chicken

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From: Daniele 
Sent: Friday, May 15, 2009 2:50 PM
Subject: looking for a recipe

Hello there! I just found your website and it is GREAT!  I am really hoping you can help me, 
I have been searching the web for over a year now for this recipe and have had no luck.

Last April we went to the Melting Pot for dinner and had a vanilla chicken that you could 
put into the fondue it came with a lot of other meats that all had a caribbean flair to. 
We actually dipped it in the Mojo fondue (thank you for that recipe)  Please help!!!! 
My friend tried to re-create the chicken but it just wasn't the same...We are stumped.  =o(

  I am really hoping you can find it or something similar.

  Thank you in advance,


Hi Daniele,

I wish I could help, but I could not find any recipe or copycat for Melting Pot's vanilla chicken. I also looked for a similar chicken recipe, but I came up empty-handed there as well. Sorry. If I come across one I'll send it on to you.



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