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Claddagh Old Bay Chicken Wings

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From: Robert 
Sent: Monday, April 24, 2017 3:02 PM
Subject: Old bay chicken wings

Hi there,

I've had some good, and not so good old bay wings.  The best ever In my 
opinion were at Claddagh's in Fenwick Island Delaware.

Alas, they closed during the winter, but I think the original was in 
Baltimore.  I'd love to have that recipe.



Hello Rob,

The Fenwick Island pub was called "Claddagh on the Shore," and their menu is still online here: Claddagh On The Shore

The Baltimore pub is simply called "The Claddagh Pub," and their menu is here: The Claddagh Pub

Old Bay seasoning is a favorite in Baltimore and is used in lots of dishes in that city. Most places there that offer wings offer them with Old Bay seasoning as well as the original Anchor Bar Buffalo wings recipe.

I could not find an Old Bay wings recipe from either Claddagh pub. I think it's a safe assumption that both pubs, both owned by the Clark family, used the same recipe for Old Bay wings.

There are several Old Bay wings recipes on the web, but I found none that claimed to be the Claddagh recipe or a copycat. Not being familiar with Claddagh Old Bay wings, I could not recommend a recipe as being similar.

I'll post this for reader input.


Apple Placek

From: Linda 
Sent: Saturday, April 22, 2017 1:40 PM
Subject: Apple Jack Placek

Hi, I came across your website while searching for Apple Jack Placek. My husband is Polish and remembers 
this from his Mom. Since he never baked (I married him when he was 40 and it is his only marriage) anything 
that needs to be baked he would buy at a bakery. He bought Placek every year until I got his Mom's recipe 
for Placek and realized how easy it is to make. We will never buy that again! Now, he's itching for Apple 
Jack Placek but I can't find a recipe without yeast which I'm pretty sure his Mom didn't use. (She has passed 
away and no one else in the family makes it.) My husband says you just put apples on top of the batter then 
add the topping but I'm guessing there is more to it because I can't find that recipe except for the ones 
with yeast. Am I wrong about the yeast and being able to use the same Placek recipe but adapting it by adding 
the apples? I'm tempted to just try it (I have home canned apples) but I'm wondering if you could help me find 
the proper way to make it without using yeast. Yes, I could make it that way but my Placek recipe makes two 
loaves and I thought I'd make one of each. Can you help? 


Hello Linda,

Apple placek is quite a common dish, and there are many recipes for it that do not have yeast. It is called “Placek z Jablka” or simply “apple cake.” I did not find anything called “apple jack placek”, but that may have been a family name for the dish.

I could not tell you whether your current recipe would work by just adding apples. You’ll have to look at some “Placek z Jablka” recipes and determine that yourself.

There are apple placek recipes without yeast on these sites:

The Spruce

JS Online

Chin Deep


Woolworth's Pizza Sauce

From: Stephanie
Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2017 7:06 PM
Subject: Pizza sauce

I remember my Mom bringing home WoolWorth Pizza every time she went down town. I am hoping you might have the pizza sauce recipe. 
I miss those Pizza’s….

Thank You

Denver Colo

Hi Stephanie,

I have a partial copy of the Woolworth’s recipe manual, but the pizza recipe is missing. I searched the Internet for this recipe, but I had no success there.

I’ll post this for input from my readers.


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