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Van de Kamp's Maple Pecan Cookies

Subject: Van de Kamps recipe
From: Florence
Date: 6/23/2019, 10:14 AM

On 6/23/2019 6:49 AM, Florence wrote:

Looking for VDKs maple pecan cookie recipe,  can you assist?

Hi Florence,

Van de Kamp's recipes are the "Lost Ark" of recipe searching. When Van de Kamp's went out of business, the recipes vanished. All that I have ever found are a few home cooks' attempts to make a copycat or a "tastes-like" recipe for VdK's products. All of those that I have found, and the information that I have been able to find about Van de Kamp's is on this page: Van de Kamp's

However, I do not have, and could not find, a copycat or a tastes-like for Van de Kamp's maple pecan cookies. I found a description of the cookies in a Van de Kamp's ad in a newspaper from years ago:
Delicate, golden brown cookies with an elusive flavor blending of brown sugar, butter, milk, whole eggs, pecans.
That's all that I could find. No specific copycat recipes or taste-like recipes.

I am giving you a couple of links to recipes for "maple pecan cookies", but I'm not recommending them as tasting like Van de Kamp's. I could not do so unless I had personally tasted both Van de Kamp's maple pecan cookies and the cookies made from these recipes. However, you might want to try them anyhow:

Know Whey

Diary of a Recipe Collector


Subject: Maple pecan cookies
From: Brenda
Date: 6/11/2020, 4:55 PM

On 6/11/2020 8:07 AM, Brenda wrote:

Please help me in my search for either the cookies themselves or the 
authentic recipe the Van de Kamp family used. Thanks so much!  I must 
have them or die trying.

Hi Brenda,

Sorry, no joy today. I have been searching for Van de Kamp's recipes for twenty years, and I have never found even a mention of an authentic one. The company recipes disappeared when the bakery division was sold. Same story today. Even the Van de Kamp family does not have them. There are a few "copycat" or "tastes-like" recipes on the web (not the maple pecan cookies, though...). I have links to them here: Van de Kamp's Bakery

You might be interested in this conversation that includes a post by one of the Van de Kamp granddaughters: Chowhound

I looked for this recipe most recently last year. See: 6-27-2019


Subject: Maple Pecan Cookies
From: Christina
Date: 4/4/2021, 7:12 AM

On 4/3/2021 9:17 PM, Christina wrote:

Do you have a recipe that maybe similar to Van De Kamps?

Hi Christina,

Sorry, no. I wouldn't know a maple pecan cookie that was similar to Van de Kamp's anyhow, as I never had them.

I have searched for that recipe or a copycat or a "tastes-like" recipe twice before, with no success, and I had no success again today. See: 6-27-2019

There are a couple of links on that page to maple pecan cookie recipes,  but I have no idea whether they are similar to VdK's.

I have never been able to find even one authentic Van de Kamp's recipe.  See my VdK page here: Van de Kamp's Bakery


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