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Chili Crispitos

Hi my name is megan, and I have been on a mission for my nephew.  we  are 
looking where i can buy chili crispitos, The elementary schools served them  at 
lunch, and i even remember eating them, and they were terrific.  I  havent been 
able to find them anywhere, i dont know about a recipe for them  cause i dont 
know if they would taste exactly like the ones they serve at  school, so i 
was wondering if i could just buy a package but from where.   we live in 
phoenix, arizona so if there is any kind of information you could  give me, 
i would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you very  much!

Hi Megan,

Crispitos are a commercial product made by Tyson foods for institutional use, such as in school cafeterias. They are not sold retail to the general public as far as I can find. You might ask at your local school cafeteria. I have heard that local schools will sometimes sell them to individuals.


I was in Whole Foods Market today, and I noticed that they have both "Beef Crispitos" and "Chicken Crispitos" for sale in the refrigerated/frozen foods cases.

Perry's Nut House?

On 13 Jun 2007 at 8:43, Waterwood wrote:

> I would like the receipe  for Perry's Nut House, Belfast, Maine, maple
> walnut fudge and pistachio fudge.  Best fudge in the world.  My
> opinion. Carlene

Hi Carlene,

It seems that Perry's is one of those places that holds tightly to their recipes. They just don't give their recipes out, and no one has created a copycat for any of their recipes. Sorry.


Sugar Cane Lime Cookies?

June 18, 2007

Dear Uncle Phaedrus,

A Boston company called Dancing Deer Baking sells what they call 
"Sugar Cane Lime Cookies." The ingredients include lime oil and 
cornmeal(!) but not real sugar cane.
Some octogenarian neighbors really love these treats, but I cannot 
afford  to keep buying them for them.

I'd appreciate a recipe.

Thank you.


This recipe might be similar: Chewy Coconut Lime Cookies

Dugan's Vanilla Cake?

Hi Phaedrus,

I have been hoping for years to find the recipe for Dugan's Birthday Cake 
in the vanilla flavor. It sure was a unique flavor and would love to know 
what made it so. Have you ever found a recipe for it or any of their vanilla 
flavored cakes or cupcakes?

Thanks for you time.
Barbara Ann

Fenton Hotel?

When I was younger, my Uncle use to take my family to this cute restaurant
in Michigan, The Fenton Hotel. It has changed hands many times but I loved
this dish they use to make. They served a cream sauce with duck and
lingonberry over puffed pastry. It was rich and delicious. I do believe that
it was served to the table ignited which would indicate some alcohol
content.  I have tried to find it and tried making some versions of it but I
just seem to bake the duck, make a white sauce, and add IKEA lingonberry
sauce to it with some cognac. The white sauce is to bland. Maybe I am close
though. Could you help me?


Steph, waiting for scrumptious duck


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