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Spry Silken Gold Cake

From a Reader:

Spry Silken Gold Cake

Yield: 10 servings

1/2 cup solid vegetable shortening
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 3/4 cups granulated sugar, divided
1 1/4 cups milk
6 egg yolks
2 3/4 cups sifted flour (cake flour preferred; sift before measuring)
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
Silken Gold Icing (see recipe)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and lightly flour two 9-inch cake 
pans see note).
Combine shortening, salt and vanilla. Add 1 cup sugar gradually, beating 
until light and fluffy.
Dissolve the remaining 3/4 cup sugar in milk. Set aside.
Beat egg yolks until thick and light in color. Add to shortening mixture; 
beat thoroughly.
Sift flour and baking powder together 3 times. Add small amounts of 
flour to shortening mixture alternately with small amounts of milk 
mixture, beating after each addition until smooth. Pour batter into pans, 
dividing evenly. Bake until done, 25 to 30 minutes. Let cool slightly, 
remove cake from pans and set on racks to cool completely.
Spread icing between layers and on top and sides of cake.

Per serving (without icing): 394 calories; 14g fat (32 percent
calories from fat); 4g saturated fat; 126mg cholesterol; 6g protein; 
61g carbohydrate; 37g sugar; 1g fiber; 236mg sodium; 112mg calcium; 
90mg potassium.

Note: For fancy little party cakes, bake in a 13-by-9-inch pan, cut 
into diamonds, and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Silken Gold Icing
Yield: Enough to frost and fill two 9-inch layers

2 tablespoons solid vegetable shortening
1 tablespoon butter, softened
1 teaspoon grated orange zest (colored portion of peel)
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 cups sifted powdered sugar, divided (sift before measuring)
1 egg yolk (see note)
2 tablespoons orange juice
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Beat shortening, butter and zest until creamy. Add salt and 1/2 cup 
sugar; blend well. Add egg yolk; beat well. Add remaining 1 1/2 cups 
sugar alternately with orange and lemon juices, beating until light 
and creamy. Use to frost and fill cake. Refrigerate leftover cake.

Per serving (based on 10 servings): 134 calories; 4g fat (27 percent
calories from fat); 1.5g saturated fat; 23mg cholesterol; 0.5g protein; 
24g carbohydrate; 24g sugar; no fiber; 60mg sodium; 3mg calcium; 10mg 

Comeback Sauce Uses

On 9 Jun 2006 at 14:18, Emma wrote:

> Phaed,thanks for your help in another question,now ,Id like to ask
> what is this comeback sauce used on or with? thanks, Emma 

Hi Emma,

Comeback sauce is used lots of ways. Some people like it on salads, some like it on sandwiches, and it's used as a dipping sauce for shrimp, fish, crawfish, french fries, onion rings and chicken tenders. You can even use it as a dip for raw veggies like broccoli, etc. As for sandwiches, it's particularly good on fried oyster po-boys. Should be tasty on various sub sandwiches, too.

There's an article about it here:

Clarion Ledger


More Wellington Squares

My neighbor is a Caramelaholic. While searching for caramel recipes 
for her, I came across another Wellington Squares recipe about a year 
ago from Food Ireland. I thought you might like to have it..              

Timm in Oregon


Wellington Squares 

Shortbread ingredients:
175g/6oz Tritamyl flour
125g/4oz Irish butter
50g/2oz Caster sugar
Carmel ingredients:
125g/4oz Margarine
50g/2oz Caster sugar
2 tablespoon Golden syrup
400g/14oz tin condensed milk
few drops vanilla essence
Cream butter and sugar .Mix in flour to form a soft dough. Press this 
into the base of a greased Swiss roll tin. Bake at (150C/300F gas mark 2) 
for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Allow to cool.
place all ingredients into a saucepan over a low heat. Stir until sugar 
is dissolved. Boil foe 7 minutes aproxx,stirring all the time. Allow to 
cool, then pour over the short bread.
When Caramel is set, Melt 125g/4oz chocolate with 25g/1oz butter. Stir and 
spread over Carmel. Leave to set. Cut into fingers.

Carino's Jalapeno Garlic Tilapia

Here's the recipe I found

Jalapeno Garlic Tilapia By Johnny Carino's 

Lemon Butter 
1 Lb. Margarine 
2 Lb. Butter 
1/4 Cup Lemon Juice 
1/2 Cup White Wine 
2 Tsp. Chopped Garlic 

Combine these 5 items into a mixing bowl and beat at a medium speed 
until a smooth consistency in the batter is formed. Once combined, 
keep refrigerated until needed. 

Jalapeno Garlic Tilapia 

(2) 4 Oz. Tilapia Filets 
1/2 Cup White Flour 
2 Oz. Melted Margarine 
1 Tsp. Chopped Garlic 
1/4 Cup Diced Jalapenos 
1 Cup Chopped De-Stemmed Spinach 
1 Pinch Salt, Pepper, Garlic Salt 
4 Oz. Heavy Cream 
1/4 Cup Lemon Butter 
5 Oz. Angel Hair Pasta 
1 Tsp. Fresh Parsley 
1/8 Cup Diced Roma Tomatoes 

Dredge the tilapia filets in the flour, and add them with the 
melted margarine and garlic to a medium temperature saute pan. 
Once the tilapia has finished cooking on one side, flip them 
over and add the jalapenos, spinach, salt, pepper, and garlic 
salt. Prepare the angel hair in boiling water, and allow it 
to cook for 3 to 4 minutes depending on the temperature of the
water. As the filets begin to flake, add the heavy cream, and 
bring it to a slight boil. Once the cream begins to boil, remove 
the pan from the fire and reduce the lemon butter into the sauce. 
Place the pasta in a bowl, and pour the fish with the sauce over 
the pasta. Garnish with fresh roma tomatoes and parsley.


Cape Verde Recipes

Cape Verde

Jagacida (Jag) - Beans and Rice

2  tablespoons oil
1  medium onion
3  cups rice
6  cups water
1 (15  ounce) can kidney beans
1  tablespoon smokey paprika
2  bay leaves

Cut up onions in a 2 quart pan and simmer until golden brown in oil.
Add 6 cups of water to onions, paprika, and bay leaves. Season with 
salt and pepper to taste.
Bring to a boil and add 3 cups of rice. Lower heat, add beans (), 
cover pan and simmer for 25 minutes or until water is absorbed and 
rice is cooked. Turn off stove and let stand.
(Thick Chicken Rice Soup)

1/2 whole chicken, cut up
2 medium onions, chopped
3-4 chicken boullion cubes
1 c. short-grain white rice (may substitute long-grain)

Saute onions in oil. Next, add chicken pieces, boullion cubes and 
a sufficient amount of water. After bringing to a boil, add rice 
and stir occasionally. Simmer approximately 30-35 minutes, until 
desired consistency. This thick soup is offered special family 
events and on New Year's eve.
Caldo De Peixe
(Fish Soup)

6 white potatoes
3 sweet potatoes
l bunch fresh parsley
l green pepper
l red pepper
3 medium onions
2 medium tomatoes
4 scallions
3 lbs. fresh, whole, cleaned saltwater fish (examples: tautog, cod, 
 bluefish or sea bass).

In a large kettle, gently saute chopped onions, tomatoes, scallions 
and green and red peppers in oil. Next, add fish cut into small pieces 
and water. Cover and bring to a gentle boil. Add peeled potatoes and 
chopped parsley to kettle.
Reduce heat and simmer. A little may be added to make a thicker broth.
Pudim De Queijo
(Cheese Pudding)

l lb. (1/2 kg) soft goat cheese (use freshest cheese possible)
l lb. (1/2 kg) sugar
2 cups water
12 egg yolks
4 egg whites

Grate the cheese. Boil sugar in water to the consistency of a thick 
syrup. Add the cheese and mix well. Next, remove the mixture from 
heat and combine with beaten egg yolks and egg whites.

Sprinkle the bottom of a pan with burnt sugar. Pour in the mixture 
and bake in a double boiler. The latter may also be accomplished by 
placing the pan with the mixture into a pan filled with hot water. 
The mixture can also be baked in a shallow, buttered and floured 
baking pan.

Bake in the oven. After removed and cooled, cut into squares and 
top with granulated sugar.


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