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Guatemalan Bull's Horns

Hi Phaedrus
A friend of mine lost a family recipe and I was wondering if you may
know what I'm talking about . he called them something to do with the bulls
horns and they were twisted little doughnuts like baked goods. Very
tasty. he is from Guatemala.
thank you Mary

A reader sent this:

Bunuelos Guatemaltecos
Guatemalan Doughnuts
1 cup water
1 tsp anise seed
1 cup flour
4 large eggs
Oil for frying deep drying
Boil the water and anise seed for 3 minutes. Remove from the heat and
strain; add more water to make 1 cup. Return to the heat and bring to a
boil; add the flour all at once while stirring until a ball is formed.
Remove from the heat and add the eggs one at a time while mixing well. Fry
rounded spoonfuls of dough in hot oil until they are golden and have
increased in size. Serve hot with honey.

Dandelion & Burdock Beverage

i was hoping you could help me find the traditional recipe for dandilion
and burdock using traditional ingredients, as i will be foraging for these
ingredients my self from the wild. i have found how to make dandilion and
burdock beer but wisk to no the recipe for a simpler drink that i can make
while in the wild.

Pickled Cheese

As a younger man, I lived in the suburbs of Montreal. In the taverns of
the time, we used to get a snack of pickled white cheese with crackers
to eat while drinking a beer. I've looked on the web for recipes to make
this pickled cheese and all I get back are for Feta cheese. I'm pretty
sure that the cheese we used to get was a picled or brined white cheddar
or farmers cheese. Please help me out if you can.
Best Regards,

Greased Knuckle Soup

Do you have a recipe for greased knuckle soup ? Thank you!
I found a statement on a message board that the below recipe is it...

German Cream of Wheat Dumpling Soup


1 Stick margarine or butter
2 cups Quaker Cream of Wheat, 2 1/2 Minute
1 tbsp ground nutmeg
4 large eggs
4 cubes chicken bouillon
4 quarts water

Add chicken bouillon to water in large stock pot. Heat to rolling boil.
In separate bowl, beat eggs with fork, add butter, cream of wheat, nutmeg and mix until creamy. The mixture will harden as it rests. 
Let sit and rest 10 minutes. Scoop cream of wheat mixture into teaspoon or tablespoon dumplings and drop into boiling broth. 
Stir dumplings to avoid having them stick to bottom of pan (dumplings should float in broth).
Cook 20 minutes or longer. If too much cream of wheat is used, the dumplings will be hard but will soften when cooked longer.
Number of Servings: 8

Honey Velvet

I am looking for a recipe for Honey Velvet which is a dessert using
gelatin, milk, junket tablet and honey. It was made in the 1940's-50's in
Australia and may have come from a Davis Gelatin cookbook
Hope you can help

I had no success finding the recipe online, but it's in the 1950 "Davis Gelatine Dainty Dishes" cookbook. You can buy the cookbooks here:




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