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Pork Medallions & Blueberry Catsup

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Laura " 
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 9:23 AM
Subject: Pork recipe request

A few months back there was a recipe in the Gloucester County Times for
pork medallions  with a blueberry "catsup".  I was wondering if you have
a copy of this recipe?  The medallions were floured and cooked in olive
oil on the stove top, the blueberry catsup was prepared ahead of time
and served with the pork.

Thank you,


Hi Laura,

I cannot find such a recipe from the Gloucester County Times, but there is one from another newspaper here:

Billings Gazette



I am so impressed, it is the exact recipe.  Thank you very much.  I am
cooking it tonight!


PS - I assume it came from MO?  That is a long way off from Gloucester
Co. New Jersey where I live!

Sometimes newspaper recipes come from a content service. The same recipe will be available to multiple newspapers who subscribe to the same service and so the recipe may appear in multiple newspapers.

Mustard Pickles

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Dan" 
Sent: Sunday, July 03, 2011 5:27 PM
Subject: Pickles

> My grandmother made mustard pickles and no one knows how.  Do you?
> dan 

Hello Dan,

There are two recipes on my site for mustard pickles. See:
Mustard Pickles


Not the one. These were just cucumbers in a jar of mixed who knows what. You 
had to turn them upside down every day for two weeks before they were "done."


Hello Dan,

The recipes below are probably closer.

I cannot find any at all in our files that say anything about turning them upside down every day for two weeks. That would likely be to keep the spices from settling to the bottom and staying there.

These are the best I can do for you without some sort of unique recipe name or ingredient on which to search.


cold  pack  mustard  pickles

1 qt. cucumbers, packed in jar
2 tbsp. salt
2 tbsp. mustard (dry or prepared)
4 tbsp. sugar

fill jar with pure vinegar and seal.  shake well after sealing.
old-time mustard pickles

3 lbs. sm. cucumberss
1/2 c. prepared mustard
4 c. white vinegar
1/2 c. salt
3 1/3 c. sugar

if small cucumberss aren't available, cut in 1 1/2 inch pieces.  combine 
remaining ingredients.  heat to boil.  add pickles and reheat to a boil. 
pour into hot sterilized jars, filling to 1/4 inch from top. vinegar 
solution should cover pickles.  seal each jar immediately. makes 7 pints.
mustard pickles

2 tbsp. salt 2 tbsp. dry mustard   Wash cucumbers and place in jars.  Fill 
with full strength vinegar.  Put lids on jars and let stand for 6 weeks. 
After opening, keep in refrigerator.
mustard pickles

Small cucumbers
1 gal. vinegar
1 c. sugar
1 c. dry mustard
1 c. salt

Select small cucumbers, wash and pack in open crock or glass jar and pour 
this cold solution on them.  Cover them and set in refrigerator. They need 
to set for 3 or 4 days before eating them.  These pickles keep in the 
refrigerator for a year. 

Potato Caramel Cake

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potato caramel cake

Wiki Recipe Club

Home and Away


The Magnolia Cookbook

Creamed Spinach Like Boston Market

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Boston Market creamed spinach

Boston Market Creamed Spinach


CD Kitchen

B. Market Creamed Spinach

Subject: Boston Market Creamed Spinach
From: Norma
Date: 11/21/2022, 8:27 AM

On 11/21/2022 1:32 AM, Norma wrote:

It's been a while but I would really love
to have a recipe.  I hope you can find it for me!!

I would love to have the recipe for Boston Market's Creamed Spinach. 

Thanks so much!!


Hello Norma,

I cannot find any recipe for this with good enough provenance to support a claim for being the actual Boston Market recipe, but there are dozens of copycat recipes on the web. See the recipe below for one.


Boston Market Creamed Spinach

20-24 oz frozen chopped spinach (the packages vary in weight and we used 2 12-oz package of chopped leaves)
6 T butter
1/4 c all purpose flour
1 c whole milk or half-and-half
1 t or so Kosher salt
4 oz cream cheese, softened*
2 T onion, finely chopped
1 T garlic, finely chopped
1/4 c grated parmesan or romano cheese
1/4 t grated nutmeg (optional)

Method: make the béchamel: melt 4 t butter and stir in flour; cook until flour 
loses its raw smell but not until it browns; add ˝ salt and stir in milk slowly 
till sauce thickens. Mix in cream cheese which will melt and incorporate with 
the sauce. Meanwhile, melt remaining 2 T butter in a medium saucepan; stir in 
onion and garlic and sauté on low heat till translucent and add water and spinach. 
Cover and cook over low heat until spinach is defrosted and hot, maybe 10 minutes. 
Stir in béchamel and parmesan cheese. Taste for salt; you’ll probably end up using 
the rest of your 1 t. Add optional nutmeg if you like; they don’t use it at Boston 
Market but it goes great with creamed spinach. 
Serve hot as a side dish with roast meats.

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