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El Castillo Real Enchilada Sauce

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From: Sandra 
Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 12:55 PM
Subject: El Castillo Real

Good afternoon Uncle Phaedrus,

I am looking for recipes associated with the restaurant El Castillo Real.  This restaurant 
was first located at the traffic circle in Long Beach California during the mid to late 1980's. 
It then relocated to Lakewood California but closed shortly thereafter.  I remember eating 
there every Friday night with my parents - fond memories.  The one recipe I am most interested 
in is their enchilada sauce.  I remember it having a smooth, almost creamy consistency and not 
as red as other enchilada sauces.  This was a great family restaurant and their mexican food 
was the absolute best around.  Would love to honor it by preparing their long lost recipes. 

Hi Sandra,

Wish I could help, but I could not find any recipes from El Castillo Real, just a few mentions of it on message boards. There appears to have been a discussion of El Castillo Real on the Chowhound website for quite a while, and no one was able to locate any recipes or copycats. That's a pretty good sign that it's a lost cause. Sorry.


Silber's Bakery Sour Cream Twists

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From: Tamar 
Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 1:20 PM
Subject: seeking recipe from Silber's Bakery in Baltimore (now defunct)

Dear Uncle Phaedrus,

In the early 70's, my mother would buy fantastic pastries from Silber's - like a sour cream 
twist with a hint of cream cheese in it.  I can't find any recipes from Silber's anywhere on 
the web - surely you can help?



Hi Tamar, It's very unlikely that you'll find any of the commercial recipes that a bakery like Silber's actually used. I found none at all on the Internet. That just leaves copycat recipes. While a lot of people have fond memories of Silber's, apparently few people have tried to duplicate their recipes. There are a few on these sites:

Ribbon Cake like Silber's

English Muffin Bread

Shortbread with Chocolate Tops

Berger Cookies(Not Silber's)

No luck with their peach cake, rye bread, sugar cookies, cinnamon twists, sour cream twists, colonial coffee cake, or butter custard pie.


Richard's Market Scrumpets

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From: "Laura"
Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 7:29 PM
Subject: recipe request

> Hi Phaedrus,
> I'm pretty good at searches and this has stumped me.  When I was a  child, 
> there was a grocery store in Newport Beach, California called  Richard's 
> Market. (an upscale grocery store).  Their bakery made  something called 
> "Scrumpets" which were a combination of crumpets and  scones (round and 
> flaky).  They were the most amazing pastries.  I can  close my eyes and 
> still taste them.  Richard's went out of business  and I have no idea how 
> to hunt it down.  If you could find it, you'd  be my hero forever....
> here's hoping!
> Laura 

Hello Laura,

I can find only one mention of Richard's Market on the Internet, and it's a memory, not a recipe or even a mention of scrumpets. Searching for scrumpet recipes, I found the one below and one here:

chocolate peanut butter scrumpets

Sorry, These are all that I could find.


Bacon and Cheese Scrumpets

ingredients for the recipe
2 cup flour all purpose, sifted
2 teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
6 slice Bacon, fried crisp and blotted
1/2 cup Extra sharp cheddar cheese diced
4 tablespoon Butter melted
1 Egg; plus 1 egg white
1/2 cup milk
recipe preparation
Place the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Crumble the bacon and add 
and the cheese to the flour. Stir until blended. Beat together the butter, 
and milk and, in a few swift strokes, stir them into the flour mixture. Han 
the dough as little as possible. Scrape the dough out onto a generously flo 
surface. With floured fingers, pat it into a circle approximately 1/3 inch 
thick. Cut the dough into 4-inch rounds. Place a large frying pan on 
medium-high heat and grease it very lightly. Add the scrumpets and immediate 
turn the heat down to medium. Cook for 5 mins., then turn the scrumpets over 
and lower the heat. Cook for another 5 mins. Continue until all are done. S 
warm. Makes 8-10 scrumpets.

Just Desserts Weekend Cake

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From: julie 
Sent: Wednesday, August 05, 2009 10:36 AM
Subject: Just Dessert's "Weekend Cake" (San Francisco in the 1980's-90's)

I have been searching for a recipe for the "weekend cake" from San Francisco's 
"Just Desserts" stores that were around in the 1980's-90's.  There are "weekend cakes" 
on the internet generally, but they are not the same as the one sold by "Just Desserts."

It had the most luscious mocha chocolate icing/filling.  It was my wedding cake and 
I am still craving it.  Hope you can help!  Thanks much.  Julie 

Hi Julie,

A place like "Just Desserts" usually doesn't give away their recipes, so a recipe like that isn't going to be available unless someone creates a "copycat recipe" for it. No one seems to have done so for Just Desserts' Mocha Cream Cake, which they call their "Weekend Cake." That's why neither you nor I could find anything.

Have you searched the web for "mocha cream cake recipes"? Perhaps you can find a recipe under that name that is similar to the Just Desserts cake. I'm not familiar with the Just Desserts product, so I wouldn't know a similar cake when I saw it. I did a brief search under that name, but there were none that said anything about being similar to JD's cake.


Wing Basket Lemon Pepper Wings

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From: Matrice 
Sent: Thursday, August 06, 2009 5:35 PM
Subject: Wing Basket's Fried Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings

Hello Uncle Phaedrus, 

Iím a huge fan Wing Basketís fried lemon pepper chicken wings  located on Gallatin Road 
in Madison Tn. Would you by any chance have a recipe?

Buying them every weekend gets kind of expensive. 



Hello Matrice,

Sorry, I had no success locating a copycat recipe for Wing Basket's lemon pepper chicken wings. Didn't even find one that was called "similar". There are dozens of lemon pepper chicken wing recipes on the web, but since I've never had the wing basket's wings, I can't tell which might be similar. There are some recipes here:



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